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Kobold’s gear wheel flowmeter for viscous liquids

December 2014 Flow Measurement & Control

Kobold Instrumentation has introduced its oval wheel flowmeter model DOM, specifically for fuel consumption measurement in diesel engines using the dual flow inputs and the ‘A-B’ setting. A pair of DOM flowmeters is used with a single electronic model ZOD-Z3 to give a net reading of fuel consumption.

Principle of operation

The meters are positive displacement flowmeters where the passage of liquid causes two oval gears to rotate within the precision measuring chamber and with each rotation a fixed volume of liquid passes through the meter. Magnets embedded within the gears initiate a high resolution pulse train output. The pulse output can be wired directly to process control and monitoring equipment or can be used as an input to instruments supplied with or fitted directly onto the meter. The flowmeter is available as a blind transmitter with pulse output capable of interfacing to most monitoring and control instrumentation, or the meter can be fitted rate totalisers and batch controllers. These instruments also have monitoring and control output options including 4-20 mA, scaled pulse, flowrate alarms and batch control logic.

This technology allows precise flow measurement and dispensing of most clean liquids regardless of their conductivity, with other liquid characteristics having no or minimal effect on meter performance. This metering technology does not require flow profile conditioning or straight piping runs, making the installation compact and low cost.

Positive displacement flowmeters are an inexpensive means to meter high viscosity clean liquids; however, the meter must be sized so that the pressure drop across the primary measuring elements (oval rotor) does not exceed the maximum capability. Areas of application are all viscous, non-abrasive clean liquids like: petroleum, grease, pastes, oil, fuels, water, chemicals, ink, etc. Stainless steel flowmeters are suited to most water based products and chemicals and aluminium meters are suitable for fuels, fuel oils and lubricating liquids.

For more information contact Pieter Deysel, Instrotech, +27 (0)11 462 1920, sales@instrotech.co.za, www.instrotech.co.za


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