Training & Education

Festo Didactic training

August 2014 Training & Education

Pneumatics (1) Basic

Johannesburg 17-19 September 2014

Pneumatics (2) Maintenance

10-12 September 2014

Pneumatics (3) Advanced

Port Elizabeth 10-12 September 2014


Durban 17-19 September 2014

Hydraulics (1) Basic

Johannesburg 10-12 September 2014

Hydraulics (2) Advanced

Johannesburg 17-19 September 2014

Port Elizabeth 3-5 September 2014

Hydraulics (4) Maintenance

Johannesburg 3-5 September 2014

Mobile Hydraulics

Johannesburg 30 September – 3 October 2014


Cape Town 17-19 September 2014

PLC Siemens S7 Part 1

Johannesburg 9-12 September 2014

Cape Town 30 September – 3 October 2014

PLC Siemens S7 Analogue PID

Durban 19-22 September 2014

Servo and Stepper Drives

Cape Town 3-5 September 2014

Mechatronic Systems

Durban 9-12 September 2014


Johannesburg 3-5 September 2014

Process Instrumentation

Johannesburg 17-19 September 2014

For more information contact Helen Pretorius, Festo Didactic, +27 (0)11 971 5586,,


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