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Newelec’s new relay

May 2014 Electrical Power & Protection

NewElec has released details of its new compact GA MS0 earth leakage protection relay, designed for use on underground gully boxes. Following the success of NewElec’s GA relay, the GA MS0 enables more sensitive earth leakage protection of high kilowatt three-phase loads, including motors started direct-on-line, as well as variable speed drive applications with no-nuisance tripping. The GA MS0 is available in diverse configuration options.

The trip contact current rating is 6 A at 220 V and 3 A at 525 V a.c. A latched ‘contactor trip’ changeover contact can only be reset by pressing the on-relay pushbutton or by wiring a remote pushbutton to terminal 14 and 6 (110/380 V a.c.) or 7 (220/525 V a.c.). Sensitivities range from 30 to 1000 mA with user-selectable instantaneous or IDMT curves. Other features include a choice of fail-safe or non fail-safe operation, a latching or non-latching trip contact, a safety based remote reset option and harmonic suppression. The GA MSO has earth leakage and earth fault protection and meets IEC 255-5 App. A/D requirements. It is locally designed and manufactured in Pretoria.

For more information contact Luc Dutrieux, NewElec, +27 (0)12 327 1729, sales@newelec.co.za, www.newelec.co.za


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