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Colour mark detection in Ex areas

May 2014 Sensors & Transducers

ASSTech Electronics has introduced the Spectro-3-FIO colour mark detector that can detect colour like a human at a sample frequency up to 40 kHz. The use of reflected-light optical fibres allows this sensor to be employed in Ex areas.

A super-bright white light LED is directed onto the colour mark to be detected. Various optical fibres and attachment optics units are available to allow a high precision detection. For example, at a distance of approximately 10 mm from the object, the light spot can have a diameter as small as 0.5 mm.

An integrated three-fold receiver for the red, green and blue content of the light that is reflected from the object, or the light that is emitted by a self-luminous object, is used as a receiver. A special feature is that the gain of the receiver can be set up in eight steps making it possible to adjust the sensor to almost any surface. Using the Teach button on the Spectro-3- FIO housing, the sensor can be taught up to 31 colours.

All parameters and measurement values can be exchanged between a PC and the colour sensor through the serial RS-232 interface. Once set, the sensor continues to operate with the current parameters in standalone mode without the PC.

For more information contact Anastas Schnippenkotter, ASSTech Process Electronics & Instrumentation, +27 (0)11 708 9200,,


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