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Safety controller for continuous miners

October 2012 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Sperosens, approached by clients in the coal mining industry for a solution, has launched the MM110 controller for use on continuous miners (CMs). The unit has IP66/67 approval and is designed as a methane gas safety interlock device. The controller monitors water flow, water pressure and methane and will warn, or prevent the CM machine from operating, in the event that any of the preset parameters are exceeded.

Features include:

* Double reset system if required, eg, artisan and miner Dallas tags.

* Downloadable operator history logs.

* Continuous display on the local LCD.

* Cable Fault indication.

* Easy configuration of the pressure delay.

* Auto fault/warning reset, except on methane.

* Modular design for easy maintenance.

* Direct replacement for the MM100 system.

System sensors

Methane sensor: designed for harsh coal mining environments with a robust dust filter and vibration sensor damping device, 0,4-2 or 4-20 mA interface, IP66/67, intrinsically safe 24 VDC.

Water flow sensor: accurate flow measurement for accurate switch points, robust housing for the mining environment, stainless steel for

corrosion resistance.

Water pressure sensor: digital output, time delay for better accuracy.

MMA200 on-board system

The MMA 200 system is designed to monitor and log inputs on a CM and transfer these input via a network to the central database for display on a scada system.

* OnBoard system gathers analogue and digital inputs.

* Measurement of important motor currents.

* Boom angle monitoring.

* Tramming direction and duration.

* Various network media for connection between surface and underground.

For more information contact Sperosens, 086 177 3767,,


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