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Oil humidity sensor for maximum efficiency

May 2024 Sensors & Transducers

The oil humidity sensor continuously measures the relative humidity and temperature of oil. This enables plant operators to carry out condition-based changes and maintenance. It allows the medium to be used with maximum efficiency, while avoiding damage to a plant due to reduced cooling or lubricating action. Corrosion and cavitation caused by free water can also be effectively prevented.

Thanks to the standardised process connection and M12 connector, the LDH1xx can be easily put into operation, and with the IO-Link technology the data can be conveniently used for IT-based condition monitoring. The stainless-steel housing permanently withstands the harshest conditions of the operating environment.

From time-based to condition-based maintenance

To ensure the efficiency of hydraulic systems, oil samples must be analysed at regular intervals. This analysis results in increased effort and costs. The continuous measurement of oil humidity enables condition-based maintenance, allowing operators to reduce costs and system downtimes.

Oil humidity in hydraulic systems

Early measures against corrosion and cavitation make a difference. Moisture in the hydraulic oil can cause component corrosion and cavitation, which can damage the pumps and result in complete component failure, unplanned downtime, and repair costs.

With information about the current humidity content of the oil, the customer can timeously initiate countermeasures to prevent water from penetrating the system. Possible points of entry such as damaged seals or open oil tanks can also be detected.

Ensure oil quality to maintain system efficiency

The quality of the oil decreases with increasing oil humidity. This reduces the efficiency of the filter and lubrication, and has a negative effect on the ageing of the oil. By measuring the oil humidity, the quality of the oil can be determined, measures can be taken, and the oil can be prevented from losing its lubricating properties.

Added value thanks to IO-Link

IO-Link has the following benefits:

• Convenient set-up: the sensor can be configured quickly and easily. During device replacement, the parameter sets are written directly to the new device.

• Transparent processes: oil humidity and temperature can be checked digitally at any time.

• Loss-free data transmission: conversion losses are excluded via digital communication.

The sensor is also available with two analogue outputs.


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