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Safe, sustainable cycling helmet technology

April 2024 IT in Manufacturing

Lazer Sport, one of Europe’s leading cycling helmet manufacturers, has adopted the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of industry software to bring to market KinetiCore, its new proprietary rotational impact protection technology. This provides cyclists with protection against both direct and rotational impact. The unique EPS foam blocks, called controlled crumple zones, deform under impact and absorb the energy that otherwise would reach the cyclist’s brain. The KinetiCore technology offers up to 23% lighter helmets, and 12% better cooling efficiency.

Lazer Sport uses Siemens NX software for product engineering and manufacturing, along with Simcenter 3D software for digital simulation and verification. “The development required a huge amount of design changes and simulations. We chose the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio for its wide range of applications and the ability to connect 3D and printing seamlessly for prototyping and digital simulation. We were able to create more complex designs for our helmets and moulds and simulate them. This allowed for greater design complexity and faster time to market,” said Emiel Spreeuwers, product designer at Lazer Sport.

“The 3D CAD files created in NX can also be easily opened in Simcenter for further modification and meshing, without any compatibility issues. This streamlined approach helps us to verify KinetiCore’s performance, preventing costly mould modifications post-production,” said Spreeuwers.

Lazer Sport is also using the Teamcenter Share app to optimise collaboration both internally and with suppliers. Delivered as a cloud service, Teamcenter Share is a controlled, secure and easy-to-access environment, enabling Lazer Sport to share design and engineering data easily.

For more information contact Siemens South Africa, [email protected],


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