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VEGA takes the pressure out of water pressure measurement

April 2024 Editor's Choice

Water treatment systems in metropolitan areas require careful monitoring and management processes across widespread networks. Process automation through the use of pressure transmitters can be of major assistance to personnel in charge of operating the many moving parts that make up a water treatment system.

Water treatment companies understand the benefits of using pressure sensors throughout their treatment facilities. In theory, these instruments allow them to automate their processes easily. However, not all instrumentation is created equal, and by receiving inaccurate readings, companies can face major difficulties, costing thousands of rands worth of equipment damage and severe process delays.

Using sensors from various manufacturers can be challenging as these might work on a technical level, but in practice they can prove to be a headache. One of the biggest issues faced in the end user experience is that the different devices are each uniquely configured and set up, and the knowledge gained on learning to operate and calibrate one sensor typically is not transferable to another. Another hurdle is obtaining support for each of these devices. In some cases, water treatment facilities are left to their own devices when configuring and troubleshooting needs to be done.

However, process plants choosing VEGA for their process automation know that the company offers more than just precise and reliable pressure sensors and instrumentation. They have found that standardising their pressure devices to a single manufacturer simplifies the operation of the water treatment plant significantly. With a legacy of innovation spanning decades, VEGA is a global leader in cutting-edge measurement technology, and offers the full benefits of process automation to companies operating in the water and wastewater industries.

VEGA offers invaluable support to its clients, and will visit their facilities and develop custom solutions for each one’s unique challenges and needs. It is not just the time investment. VEGA sensors offer unparalleled ease of configuration, precision and reliability. VEGA has now introduced sensors equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows operators to monitor, set up and adjust them wirelessly through the VEGA Tools App. This App is available for download in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

Using the VEGADIF 85 universal pressure transmitter to handle influent and effluent flow metering in locations throughout their systems, water treatment facilities can achieve extremely precise pressure measurement. The VEGADIF 85 has an integrated overload diaphragm, and is highly reliable. It functions as a multivariable sensor through integrated measurement of absolute pressure. With the VEGADIF 85, facilities can access data that they can rely on.

The VEGABAR 38 pressure sensor can be utilised to measure levels on tanks and chemical feed and fill systems, making it easier for system operators to view the pressure status. This is a result of the sensor’s innovative, configurable colour LED light ring and onsite operation with a VDMA menu structure. This sensor offers easy integration into control systems through IO-Link communication.

The VEGABAR 82 pressure transmitter measures pressure at the inlets and outlets on vaults. This unique sensor has an abrasion-resistant ceramic measuring cell, ensuring reliable operation in the toughest process conditions. It provides reliable measurement, down to the last drop, through the smallest measuring ranges, with high accuracy. This in turn can bring massive cost savings on maintenance costs.

The VEGAWELL 51 is suitable for continuous level measurement in deep wells, reservoirs and rivers, and has a maximum cable length of 1000 metres. This robust ceramic measuring cell offers maximum overload and vacuum resistance, making it a highly reliable addition to any water treatment and distribution facility’s process automation arsenal.

VEGA’s customised solutions have empowered businesses to optimise processes, enhance efficiency and ensure the highest quality standards.

Its proven mix of precise, reliable instruments and commitment to customer support means that plant operators are empowered by process automation instead of struggling with usability or maintenance, freeing them to focus on their other responsibilities.

For more information contact VEGA Controls SA, +27 11 795 3249, [email protected], www.vega.com


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