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VEGA handles the pressures of water treatment systems

February 2024 Pressure Measurement & Control

A water treatment system for a major metropolitan area in the Midwestern United States demands careful monitoring and management of processes across its sprawling network. Running this massive system is no simple task, as it demands careful monitoring and management of processes across its sprawling network. Process automation through the use of pressure transmitters can be a major aid to the personnel in charge of ensuring the operation of the many moving parts that make up a water treatment system. In the case of this particular water company, choosing VEGA for its process automation needs meant more than just obtaining precise and reliable pressure sensors.

Left to their own devices

Prior to working with VEGA, the water company already understood the benefits of using pressure sensors throughout its treatment system. In theory, these instruments would allow them to automate their processes easily so that they would have more time to work on more pressing matters. Unfortunately reality failed to live up to its expectation of a streamlined system of processes.

The first unexpected hurdle the company faced was the challenge of using sensors from many different manufacturers. While using instrumentation from a variety of manufacturers worked on a technical level, in practice it proved to be a headache. Chief amongst the issues was the overall end user experience; the devices were difficult to configure and operate, and since the plant operators were using so many different manufacturers’ devices, the knowledge they gained on learning to operate one sensor typically wasn’t transferable to another.

The other major hurdle was in obtaining support for their devices. According to personnel, years would pass without seeing anyone from the device manufacturer. They were left to their own devices, and had to just do their best to configure and troubleshoot scores of devices optimally. This situation continued for some time, and while they were interested in standardising their pressure devices to a single manufacturer, there was no clear choice for a reliable partner. That’s before they met VEGA.

Discovering the VEGA experience

The water company’s search for a new instrument supplier eventually led to the process measurement experts at VEGA. It wasn’t just VEGA’s time investment that impressed the water company; VEGA was able to provide trial units to try out on multiple applications, to see firsthand what set VEGA pressure instrumentation apart. The staff were impressed by the precision and reliability of the measurements, but what they liked most of all was the ease of use of the sensors. They were easy to set up and configure, and some even offered features like Bluetooth connectivity that allowed operators to monitor, set up and adjust them wirelessly through the VEGA Tools app.

The company has now added VEGA sensors across its entire system, and VEGA personnel are there to help every step of the way. They not only help them set up and commission the devices, but also train operators on how to use the sensors and best leverage them to reach their process automation goals.

Precise and reliable measurements across the system

Today the company uses VEGADIF 85 pressure transmitters to handle influent and effluent flow metering in numerous locations throughout its systems. Its high-precision measured value detection makes this sensor capable of measuring very low differential pressures, meaning the water company obtains reliable data.

VEGABAR 38 pressure sensors measure levels on tanks and chemical fill and feed systems, and make it easy for system operators to view pressure status, thanks to the sensor’s configurable colour LED light ring. VEGABAR 82 pressure transmitters measure at inlets and outlets on vaults. They sport an abrasion-resistant ceramic measuring cell, ensuring reliable operation in the toughest of process conditions, saving the company on maintenance costs.

Recently the company added another VEGA instrument to its system, the VEGAWELL 52. This is used for measuring the level of the deep wells and the local river. The VEGAWELL 52’s robust ceramic measuring cell offers maximum overload and vacuum resistance, making it a highly reliable addition to the water company’s process automation arsenal.

Forging a path ahead

The water company now knows the true benefits of process automation. VEGA’s proven mix of precise, reliable instruments and commitment to customer support means that the water company operators are empowered by process automation instead of struggling with usability or maintenance issues, freeing them to focus on their other responsibilities. VEGA took the pressure out of pressure measurement for them.

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