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Short-range radar sensor for robust object detection

August 2023 Sensors & Transducers

For short-range object detection, you can now tackle the toughest detection applications with the new versatile and robust K50R radar sensor from Turck Banner. The K50R Radar Sensor is an alternative to photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors for some of the most challenging applications or extreme conditions.

With a range of 100 millimetres to 2,5 metres, a wide large sensing area, and a 60 Gigahertz operating frequency, this sensor can detect a wide variety of targets in many applications, including vehicle presence, tank level and general object detection, in almost any environment.

The K50R is highly resistant to ambient weather conditions and can reliably operate in rain, fog, and direct sunlight. It can detect both stationary and moving targets, while requiring significantly less operating power than many other radar sensors. The efficient design and operation, combined with the reliable performance, makes this sensor the most cost-effective industrial radar product on the market. The dual discrete outputs provide the capability of creating multiple detection zones, while the Pulse Frequency Modulated output mode provides real-time distance measurements.

The K50R also includes built-in indication using Turck Banner’s trademark LED technology. The standard models provide simplified presence-absence indication. The Pro models can be programmed to display more complex colours and animations, such as target presence-absence, warning zone indication, or real-time measurement feedback.

The K50R series of radar sensors provides a durable, cost-effective solution for short-range detection applications, particularly in challenging environments, and is ideal for collision avoidance on board mobile equipment such as reach stackers, forklifts and mining vehicles, or port machinery such as carriers, handlers and shippers.


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