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Robust UHF read/write devices for industrial environments

April 2023 Industrial Wireless

UHF read/write heads from Pepperl+Fuchs are the perfect choice for all far-field applications requiring detection ranges of up to six metres. They can be installed in challenging environmental conditions as their rugged exterior and sealed electronics protect them against wear and tear, and high temperatures. Space restrictions are no longer an issue as the UHF antenna is mounted inside the compact housing. This approach eliminates the need for extra components that are prone to error like coaxial cables, while at the same time allowing for easy installation in tight spaces.

The read/write devices have distinct advantages for companies that operate internationally. All series are available in the appropriate frequency ranges for Europe, Asia and America, enabling easy integration into production and logistics processes. Once all locations are equipped with products from the same series, system integration becomes easier than ever, and processes are more efficient.

Prefabricated function blocks and preconfigured country-specific parameters enable fast system integration of the devices. While the F190 and F192 are operated with evaluation units from the Pepperl+Fuchs portfolio, the F191 has an IO-Link interface for integration with almost any fieldbus or controller.

Industrial applications leave no room for error. This is why the Pepperl+Fuchs read/write devices are designed for maximum process reliability. They have a high degree of IP protection, extended temperature ranges and adjustable radiated power. The RFID read/write devices enable reliable detection of several RFID transponders simultaneously with a single read operation. This multitag reading speeds up information transmission, throughput times can be reduced, and the efficiency of manufacturing and logistics processes can be significantly increased.

Efficiency is top priority in intralogistics. Goods need to be transported to their destination quickly, safely and without any misassignment. For applications where it comes down to mounting space and where reading distances from one to two metres are sufficient, the F190 is ideal. By transmitting data in one bundle, information from multiple tags can be transmitted to the read/write device in a single step.

For reading distances of more than two metres, the F192 has outstanding features. With a range of up to six metres, this UHF read/write device is ideal for applications where long distances need to be covered. It can read and write on up to 200 tags at the same time, allowing an extremely fast throughput and a significant increase in productivity in material handling and intralogistics processes.

Automobile production can be controlled by tags that are mounted on skids or directly on the vehicles. In addition to reading the vehicle ID, the write function enables the modification of information for downstream production steps on the tags. Even in challenging environments such as in final assembly, the read/write devices have outstanding reliability and flexibility.

Typical applications include:

• The automotive industry for tag/label identification in car body manufacturing, painting lines and final assembly.

• Warehousing and material handling for bulk reading and identification of individual boxes, cardboard, etc.

• Vehicle identification at entrances or for monitoring access of people on premises.

To summarise, the outstanding features of the read/write heads are:

• Maximum process reliability due to the high degree of protection, extended temperature range, and adjustable transmit power.

• Various housing designs and frequency ranges for global use.

• Multitag reading of multiple transponders for maximum efficiency.

• Easy installation, with function blocks for effortless integration into the PLC.

• High application flexibility due to the sophisticated, compact design with integrated antenna.


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