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Smart IP67 power supply for modular machines

May 2023 Electrical Power & Protection

Machines and plants are increasingly designed as modular systems to respond quickly to changing production and market requirements. This requires the use of decentralised system components – including the cabinet-free power supply.

Turck Banner’s decentralised power supply units of the PSU67 series can be installed precisely where they are needed, without the need for a protective housing – directly in the field. In this way, system builders are given the flexibility to design applications to meet specific requirements.

Communication via IO-Link

The worldwide standard IO-Link technology provides communication from the controller down to the field level, where the decentralised power supply is also located. The power supply units supply important data and parameters such as error messages, voltage, temperature, fuse status and operating hours via the IO-Link interface.

Remote access is also possible via IO-Link. This is used to switch the power supply units on and off, to set the voltage, and to reset any triggered channels. This data can be routed from an IO-Link master on to the controller or to a cloud. In this way, power supply units can be used to extend existing condition monitoring systems.

Maximum flexibility through field installation

The use of PSU67 power supply units is a decisive step towards the creation of end-to-end decentralisation. Depending on the application, the need for control cabinets and switch boxes can be eliminated completely. With protection to IP67, power supply units can be installed directly at the machine without any additional protective measures. As an alternative to the relay output (DC-OK), which is also provided, status monitoring via IO-Link offers additional support for the implementation of modular designs. The LED interface and buttons on the device ensure direct and user-friendly parameterisation and enable universal use in a wide range of different applications. Integrated outputs protected with an eFuse reduce the cabling effort, and make it possible to use smaller cable cross sections. This provides the user with more benefits in terms of flexibility and costs, particularly in extensive applications.

Universal solution for different applications

Turck Banner’s PSU67 power supply units offer M12 S-coded, 7/8” or HAN Q connection options on the primary side, while M12 L-coded, 7/8” or HAN Q connection options are provided on the secondary side. Efficiency is always over 95%, regardless of whether a single- or three-phase, 200, 360 or 600 W supply is used. The output voltage can be configured either directly on the device or remotely via IO-Link, and can be optimised with 24 to 28 VDC over long transmission routes. The configurable fuses make it possible to adapt the output power precisely to the requirements of specific applications.


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