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Low emission valves

February 2023 Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

Parker Hannifin is unveiling a series of valves tested to ISO 15848-1 Class C, a standard that sets out the measurement, test and qualification procedures for fugitive emissions from industrial valves. The Class C valves complement Parker’s existing solutions for the more stringent Class A and B leak rate designations, while minimising the investment required by the customer.

For companies operating in the chemical, petrochemical or natural gas industries, the reasons for minimising emissions into the atmosphere from industrial valves include environmental targets, government regulations, and plant/worker safety.

Parker’s Hi-Pro Class C ball valves offer full cold working pressure ratings up to 414 bar, giving 100% bubble-tight shutoff and continuous, repeatable performance. Featuring a true two-piece, quality-assured design, body leakage paths are reduced to a minimum. The same quality, reliability and value are available from H-Series Class C needle pattern hand valves, which allow precise flow regulation for a wide variety of media in low flow applications. As standard, the needle valves have metal-to-metal seats to ensure 100% bubble-tight shutoff.

Both valve ranges feature fully integrated tube connections. This facilitates rapid installation and also eliminates the need for taper threads and thread sealant and, in turn, the potential for an external leak path. This can further reduce overall plant emissions.

Another technical feature of the valves that supports ISO 15848-1 Class C accreditation is a robust design of packing around the stem.

Process plants, system integrators and natural gas distributors can now take advantage of Parker’s ISO 15848-1 Class C certified ball and needle valves to help minimise emissions and increase safety.


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