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Pressure transmitters for hygienic applications

February 2023 Sensors & Transducers

The new PM type pressure transmitter from ifm South Africa has a total accuracy of 0,2 %. Furthermore, temperature compensation with fast temperature changes, for example in CIP/SIP processes, has been considerably improved. The sensor is therefore suitable for all common food applications.

For every PM pressure sensor, a factory certificate can be downloaded free at This allows for easy access even after the sensor has been bought.

ifm offers all common process connections as accessories for the adapter threads G1 sealing cone and G1 Aseptoflex Vario of the PM pressure sensor. (e.g. welding adapter, Tri Clamp, Varivent, etc.)

Flush-mount transmitters of the PM series are used for reliable hydrostatic level measurement and system pressure measurement in pipes. Flush-mount installation in the tank or vessel wall ensures reliable cleaning and sterilisation in the process. The compact stainless steel housing is potted, offering optimum protection against ingress of moisture and aggressive media. Thanks to a broad selection of process adapters, the sensors can be used in nearly all industrial applications. Remote parameter setting of the units is possible. The measuring range is defined by setting the zero point and the span.

With a high overall accuracy, the PM series is suitable for all common applications in the food industry. To summarise, features include:

• Accuracy of 0,2 %.

• Overload-resistant ceramic capacitive measuring cell with good long-term stability.

• Factory certificate for download free of charge.

• Rear hexagonal nut for easy installation in tanks with double walls and blind fittings.

• Zero-point calibration via teach button or IO-Link.


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