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Why efficient filtration is critical in hydraulic systems

July 2023 Pneumatics & Hydraulics

“Hydraulic systems – which operate under extremely high pressures, with tight tolerances – are susceptible to wear from abrasive particles and therefore require efficient filtration to offer adequate protection of equipment,” explains Hanli Schutte, product specialist for industrial filtration at BMG. She adds that contaminants can enter a hydraulic system from several sources: the manufacturing process of system components or exposure to environmental dirt, dust and moisture during production. Problems also result from low-quality or unclean hydraulic fluids used during the filling process, or from wear over time.

Because filtration is the only effective defence against wear and tear when contaminants are present, it is critical that effective filter components are used to ensure dependable performance, high efficiency and extended service life of machinery and vehicles.

“BMG Fluid Technology’s filtration solutions comprise a wide range of fluid power components and systems, supported by the team’s broad technical capabilities to ensure fluids – including oil, fuel and lubricant oil – operate within the required cleanliness standards. Our customers understand that without the implementation of a structured control and contamination prevention programme, premature equipment failure is likely to occur, resulting in unnecessary downtime and costly replacement of parts,” says Schutte.

BMG’s premium filtration partner, Filtration Group, manufactures advanced filters that ensure the fluid in the circuit of the process meets the required cleanliness class. The design and materials used for the construction of filter housings and elements exceed industry standards and, through the latest technologies like PulseShield and e-protect, the dirt holding capacity of filter systems is increased to ensure full functionality even in the most challenging environments and applications.

Filtration Group’s product portfolio comprises desiccant breathers, which are designed to replace conventional dust caps or breathers of equipment like hydraulic units, where there are high humidity and temperature fluctuations. With this highly efficient filtration system, contaminated air passes through layered filter media, which blocks particles from entering the breather. A bed of silica gel absorbs any moisture in the air to keep equipment dry. This technology prevents problems associated with condensation, ageing of hydraulic oils, degradation of additives, and corrosion.

Within a hydraulic system there are typically four locations where filters are required: suction line, return line, pressure line and reservoir breathers. Suction filters are designed to remove large particles that accumulate within the hydraulic fluid reservoir, while safety filters can be positioned inside the reservoir or outside the reservoir on the suction side of the pump. The objective of return line filters is to remove contaminants from the hydraulic fluid before it is returned to the reservoir. Pressure line filters – also known as point-of-use filters – remove fine particles before application and can withstand high operating pressures and temperatures. Breathers on reservoirs protect the hydraulic system from environmental contaminants, like dust and moisture.

An important feature of Filtration Group filter elements is that they are fully compatible with housings of other filter manufacturers, and increase the efficiency of the installed filtration system.

BMG’s extension into the filtration market

Through the acquisition of OMSA in 2013, BMG extended its services into the filtration sector. BMG’s OMSA ECO spin-on elements enable fast and convenient protection for the offloading and dispensing of bulk fuel. This range includes fuel and water separating filter elements for particle removal of 6 microns and 3 microns. These filters are used extensively in BMG’s custom-designed offloading and dispensing filtration systems.

In addition to the design and manufacture of new bulk fuel systems for oil and lubrication purification, BMG’s technically skilled team also offers a refurbishment service for existing systems. Typical applications are in machine tools, mining, power generation, sugar, pulp and paper, cement, marine, and hydraulic industrial equipment.

These systems are designed and manufactured to exact customer specifications and generally include all mechanical, electrical and pneumatics as required. Bulk fuel systems can be designed as permanent in-line or off-line systems, and as portable systems that can be used in multiple applications.

In order to provide customers with continuous contaminant-free fuels and lubrication solutions, BMG’s Field Services department offers services that include the inspection, service and maintenance of bulk fuel and hydraulic systems. Oil analysis is conducted by BMG’s qualified tribologist, to ensure the required cleanliness of oils and fuel.

BMG’s fluid technology services include solutions for fuel and industrial filtration systems, hydraulics and pneumatics, lubrication, hydraulic hose and fittings, and instrumentation, pumps and industrial valves. Through the company’s specialist skills and a dependable stockholding of components, BMG is able to meet high demand from customers for dependable filtration services, throughout the African continent.

For more information contact Hanli Schutte, BMG, +27 11 620 7449,,


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