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Efficient spillage solution

August 2022 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

OST-Africa’s range of materials handling, screen and transmission products includes an efficient spillage solution designed to prevent production losses during materials handling in diverse sectors.

“This cost-efficient spillage system, which encompasses various products that operate together to form one highly efficient system, has important benefits over conventional systems which are labour intensive, costly to operate and require additional equipment,” says Nolene Streicher, managing director, OST-Africa (part of the Engineering Solutions Group (ESG) of Invicta Holdings Limited). “Advantages of the OST system include simple installation, modular components for extended service life of the system, reduced maintenance and a low-cost solution to spillage problems.”

The OST spillage system consists of a dynamic impact bed, the High Impact Torsion (HIT) system, the skirt clamp and skirt wing, impact zone panels, chute vibrators, duff feeders, primary and secondary belt scrapers, and the bias plough.

The dynamic impact bed is a shock absorbing trough which is mounted underneath a conveyor belt. It is installed at transfer points where fine or coarse heavy material is being transferred, and where there is a build-up of materials in the transfer chute. The HIT system combines a heavy-duty idler frame with a high-impact torsion arm system to absorb the impact of material which falls onto the belt.

The skirt clamp, which is the conveyor system’s spillage controller, ensures that positive pressure is always applied to the side wall. The skirt wing is designed to support a conveyor belt between the idler and frames when sagging occurs, in order to prevent overflow spillage.

OST impact zone panels are used at high-impact points in transfer chutes which are continually put under high stress and therefore have the highest maintenance requirements. This impact zone panel absorbs impacts, and high-wear resistant liners ensure efficient operation and extended service life.

Chute vibrators prevent material blockage in a chute. Duff feeders, which accommodate the removal of dry or wet material from underneath belt scrapers down to collection points, also allow access for easy maintenance of conveyor rollers and belt scrapers.

The primary belt scraper blade tip is kept in positive contact with the belt surface while the secondary belt scraper is segmented from all scraper components, for extended service life. The bias plough prevents duff that remains on the belt from damaging the return pulley.

OST’s materials handling product portfolio also includes the Grizzley Feeder System (GFS) which is custom-made to suit each application. This mobile feeder system, which constantly controls the feed of product onto conveyor belts at a rate of up to 80 tons per hour, can be quickly and easily dismantled and relocated when necessary. This system, which ensures optimum production, reduced wear and low maintenance, is also designed for no spillage.

Electrical panels for these feeders are fitted with manual and automatic switches, frequency inverters, overload switches, flexible vibration cables and a step- down transformer. OST bulk handling systems are supported by OST-Africa’s specialised design and installation team, which ensures these custom-built systems meet exact requirements in any application.

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