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A new era of mass flow control

May 2022 Mass Measurement

The Flexi-Flow is Bronkhorst’s newest mass flow controller series. With this revolutionary instrument, we are not only able to measure and control gas flow and measure the temperature, but also to measure and control the upstream and downstream pressures in your process with one flexible instrument. This is the future in mass flow control.

“The Flexi-Flow is based on a truly unique thermal mass flow measurement technique that combines fast and stable chip sensors with reliable and accurate bypass technology. Contact us to find out how you can benefit from it," says Flexi-Flow product manager, Vincent Hengeveld.

Is the Flexi-Flow the perfect fit for you? Can you answer 'yes' to any of the following questions:

• Do you have limited space and need a compact flow instrument?

• Do you use various instruments for measuring flow, temperature and pressure?

• Do you work with multiple gases?

• Do you desire a swift and stable gas flow control?

• Do you prefer an easy-to-use instrument with easy monitoring possibilities?

Then the Flexi-Flow Compact series is your instrument of choice.


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