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Resistance thermometers for hazardous areas

August 2021 Temperature Measurement

Instrotech now offers Kobold’s TWL resistance thermometers, specifically designed to be used in hazardous areas. The DIN-compliant products are supplied with ATEX approvals for ignition protection Exd or Exia.

The Kobold TWL resistance thermometers comprise a rugged installation fitting made of stainless steel with thread, flange or weld-on connection, a connection head aluminium casting and a removeable measuring element. The measuring insert can be replaced without emptying the installation, since the customised thermowell remains in the installation and seals the process. The instruments are supplied with ignition protection Exd as a standard and therefore can be installed in relevant hazardous areas.

Head transmitter

Resistance thermometers with head transmitter are used whenever a measuring signal must be transported over long distances without any disturbance. The head transmitter, which is encapsulated in epoxide resin, is located right in the connection head and delivers a linearised temperature output signal of 4-20 mA. The head transmitter is available with standardised communication systems such as HART, Profibus or Foundation Fieldbus.

Depending on customer requirement, the temperature sensor can be implemented as a 2-, 3- or 4-wire circuit. Alternatively, these sensors can be designed as single or double resistance thermometers. The exception here would be the 4-wire version, which can only be built with one Pt100 due to lack of space. As an option the resistance thermometers can be supplied with a head transmitter.

Beside the available resistance thermometers according to DIN standard, there are customised versions relating to the immersion length, the connection head, construction materials, the process connection and the tolerance classes, deliverable on request. Other features include:

• Measuring ranges: -80°C to 600°C.

• Pt100 sensor class A or B.

• Output: resistance or analog 4-20 mA.

• Thermowells up to 5000 mm (depending on model).

Kobold TWL with thread, flange or weld-on connections measure the temperatures of liquid, solid and gaseous media. The reliable watertight nature of these installation methods for gauge pressure and vacuum is an important criterion for selection. Deployments are found in HVAC, furnace and general industry applications.


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