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Miniature pressure sensor

August 2021 Pressure Measurement & Control

Measuring just 14 mm in diameter, the new weFluxmicro pressure sensor from Wenglor meets the challenges presented by confined mounting spaces and compact system structures for the measurement of liquids and gases. Pressure ranges of between -1 and 25 bar can therefore be installed for the first time in hydraulic clamping systems, tight lubrication bearings, or compact 3D printers.

Several design features contribute to the small size – less than an AA battery – of the weFluxmicro. Both the compact size and the small process connection with M5 thread saves space. At just 22 mm high, the pressure sensor is ideal for extremely tight systems. With a low weight of 13 grams, it can even be mounted on robot arms and moving parts.

Robust housing

With a response time of less than one millisecond and a measurement error of less than 0,5%, the sensor is fast and precise. The robust stainless steel 316L housing is ideal for harsh industries. The high IP68 protection makes the sensor resistant to aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals, while the analog output signal of 4-20 mA allows integration into existing systems. Positive-locking segmented cable compression provides additional protection in the event of mechanical tensile and rotational loads.

This Wenglor pressure sensor is ideal for monitoring pressure cylinders in hydraulic clamping systems. Any pressure changes in the interior must be detected with great accuracy. Due to its low dead weight, these devices can also be mounted on robot arms and in lubricating systems for ball bearings, gears, chains or linear guides. The sensor records the values required for correctly monitoring the lubrication quality. Also in enclosed systems such as 3D printers or welding and milling systems, the weFluxmicro enables precise monitoring of extraction devices or vacuum chambers.


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