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Loop-powered watercut meter

May 2021 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

The Easz-1 oil/water monitor is a highly accurate online analyser that is installed in a pipe and can be used as a BS&W; (basic sediment and water) monitor, or a watercut meter.

Watercut meters measure the H2O content (percentage) of crude oils and similar liquids in a flowing stream. The American Petroleum Institute refers to this as OWD or online water determination.

Ideal for applications in first, second and third-stage crude oil separators, crude oil transfer in pipelines and in tank truck terminals, the watercut is expressed as a percentage of water in the total fluid stream. A BS&W; monitor is primarily used in a LACT (lean automatic custody transfer) system, where off-specification crude oil is diverted. One of the reasons could be the presence of excess amounts of water in the crude.

Water and oil do not normally mix and gravitational separation causes oil to travel along the top of the pipe and the water to travel along the bottom, creating a phenomenon called ‘bottom water’. If this two part solution is not thoroughly mixed before it enters a watercut meter, it is likely that watercut measurements will be inaccurate. In some cases it is possible that the water will be missed entirely.

EESIFLO International manufactures water-cut analysers with built in integral mixing elements upstream of the Easz-1 Water in Oil sensor, thereby creating a homogeneous mixture as it enters the sensing element. The company also manufacture separate inline static mixers, but the integral spool piece design is often preferred since a single spool piece will homogenise and analyse the fluid in one product. Optional sampling ports can be added downstream of the mixing elements as required.

EESIFLO can assist in the selection from a range of watercut meters that are manufactured off-the-shelf to cover most general applications that might suit the purpose without any additional economic impact. Stock is held of the most popular watercut meters in the range.

For more information contact Sean Frost, SECO Process Instrumentation, +27 82 454 4772,,


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