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April 2021 Pneumatics & Hydraulics

BMG, distributors of the Hydraforce range of proportional valves in southern Africa, works closely with Hydraforce engineers and customers in diverse industries to design and manufacture customised hydraulic control solutions, which enhance performance, value and durability of mobile equipment.

“A thorough understanding of the latest fluid power technologies is critical for the design of efficient and cost-effective hydraulic systems,” says Ryno Landman, product manager, Hydraulics, Fluid Technology, BMG. “Coupled with technical expertise is the need for the selection of high-performance valves and controllers, which must be installed and supported by a team of hands-on specialists. BMG supplies a wide range of HydraForce electro-proportional valves suitable for use in applications in agriculture, construction, materials handling, fluid conveyance, mining and quarrying.

“Hydraforce hydraulic cartridge valves and controls are subjected to rigorous field testing and are proven for dependable operation in heavy-duty conditions. Efficiency, response times and signal integrity are optimised using pulse width modulation (PWM) digital signal logic. The main advantage of PWM is that power loss in the switching devices is negligible.”

BMG’s range of Hydraforce proportional valves includes flow control (PV), pressure compensating flow regulator (PFR), directional control (SP) and pressure control (TS) valves, with a focus on proportional control.

According to BMG fluid technology specialists, proportional control directional valves control flow proportional to an electrical input signal. For example, a 4-20 mA input signal may correspond to a 50-200 bar pressure setting. If the input signal is 4 mA, then the output pressure setting will be 50 bar. As the input increases to 20 mA, so the pressure setting increases to 200 bar. This feature offers machine cycles, which are safely operated at greater speeds, with controlled start and stop characteristics. Regulated acceleration and deceleration results in improved overall machine cycle times and enhanced production rates.

User-defined parameters, which vary depending on the controller, include input type, bias for PWM or frequency inputs, signal errors, reverse mode triggers and reverse sequence parameters, as well as output scale breakpoints and output ramp up/down rates. After setting operating parameters, users are able to easily monitor performance and for troubleshooting, there is a CAN interface.

For more information contact Ryno Landman, BMG, +27 11 620 7373,,


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