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April 2021 Pressure Measurement & Control

Endress+Hauser have launched the new Cerabar and Deltabar pressure transmitters. Thanks to their Bluetooth interface, they are easier to operate and more efficient to maintain in safety-critical systems. The high level of safety combined with enhanced productivity follows the company’s smart safety approach to increase plant availability. Heartbeat Technology creates the basis for predictive maintenance and allows the devices’ functionality to be verified without process interruption.

There are various reasons why ease of operation is a major advantage. Many industries are struggling with an increasing lack of qualified personnel. Major plant revisions often involve service providers whose personnel do not have a thorough knowledge of the equipment and systems on site. The amount of safety-related equipment has also increased significantly in recent years, for example, in the chemical industry, and with it the number of costly proof tests of the safety integrity level (SIL).

Easy operation increases productivity

To meet all these developments, Endress+Hauser has simplified the new Cerabar and Deltabar pressure measurement lines. This is reflected in the intuitive operation via the SmartBlue app, which includes guided operating sequences for parameterisation and commissioning of the pressure sensor. This is made possible by an additional Bluetooth interface, which bridges distances of up to 15 m, thus, even measuring points that are difficult to reach, or in hazardous areas, are easy to maintain, even if they are only integrated into the process via a 4–20 mA interface.

Personnel do not have to open the housing or connect a cable. Realtime data from the pressure transmitter is available at any time. The Bluetooth connection has a special protocol that meets the increased safety requirements in industrial applications. Tested by the Fraunhofer Institute, the interface is rated for its level of protection and protocol algorithm.

Unlock IIoT potential

The NAMUR roadmap Process-Sensors 4.0 names three key criteria for digital process sensors: wireless communication, sensor diagnosis and the provision of information about the sensor and the process. With the optionally available Bluetooth and Heartbeat Technology functions, the new Cerabar and Deltabar product lines meet these criteria.

For example, Heartbeat Technology supports maintenance staff in verifying their measuring points. This can be done via a Bluetooth connection and at the touch of a button with the SmartBlue app. The verification can be carried out in less than three minutes without process interruption. A verification protocol, which provides detailed information about all tests, is generated automatically. The basis for this is the continuous self-diagnostic function of the pressure transmitters. It achieves a diagnostic coverage rate of over 95%. With this information, it is possible to plan system revisions and maintenance work for measuring devices in advance and reduce downtimes. This significantly simplifies maintenance processes. Heartbeat Technology gives users the scope they need to optimise their production processes through data-based insights into the process.

Improve your process safety

Guided operating sequences support employees during the commissioning of measuring points and during SIL proof tests. They show the operator what to do, step by step. This prevents operating errors, so-called systematic errors, and increases safety. At the same time, these tasks can be completed a lot quicker, as there is no need to consult the safety manual.

The new Cerabar and Deltabar devices feature proven, reliable and robust sensor technology and a smart safety concept. This new pressure measurement technology features self-explanatory and efficient operating concepts that prevent systematic errors during device parameterisation. They maintain the high safety level of the system and at the same time reduce maintenance costs – during commissioning as well as repair.


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