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Wireless controller for smarter factories

March 2021 PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

With three times faster processing speed and eight times more memory than previous models of the DXM controller, the new DXM700 provides expanded ScriptBasic programming capabilities and faster script processing that allows for more complex solutions to solve even more applications in the factory.

Become a smarter factory

DXM wireless controllers are designed to facilitate Ethernet connectivity as well as enabling IIoT applications. As smart factories become more prevalent, IIoT technologies are in high demand to connect manufacturing assets to the Internet.

The DXM700 can be used for various IIoT applications such as remote monitoring, predictive maintenance or process optimisation. It is compatible with Turck Banner sensors and Connected Data Solutions software to create complete end-to-end IIoT solutions.

Get actionable data when and where you need it

The DXM700 also offers advanced features for flexibility in communicating, logging and using data from the factory floor. For example, it includes communication protocols like Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP to enable communication between PLCs, HMIs and other local hosts. Alerts, alarms or data log files can be sent via secure email so that operators do not miss important notifications.

A removable SD card can be used for on-board data logging and the easy-to-follow interactive programmable user interface includes an LCD screen and LED indicators. A cellular modem provides cellular Internet connectivity and four sourcing outputs are available for local triggers.

The DXM700 can be used in numerous factory automation and IIoT applications including pick-to-light assembly, kitting or order fulfilment, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

The new wireless controller also takes up less space on a DIN rail due to its compact 70 mm width. Despite the smaller footprint, it still includes most of the features and the same reliable performance as the rest of the DXM series.


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