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Highest energy efficiency reduces operating costs

November 2020 Pressure Measurement & Control

Each piece of equipment or pipe integrated into an existing piping system will result in an increase in the pressure loss. With higher pressure losses, pumps and compressors must work harder in order to keep the flow rate stable. Pressure loss is synonymous with higher energy costs that must be spent for normal operation.

Using instrumentation that, by design, offers the lowest possible pressure loss thus assists in reducing the operating costs to a minimum. The HHR FlowPak or HHR ProPak flowmeters display the lowest permanent pressure loss of all orifice-based flow measuring systems. The smoothest possible inlet contour and surface, together with the unique design of the diffuser section, ensures pressure recovery optimisation with minimal permanent pressure loss.

The HHR series flowmeter is a technological advancement in flow profile formation. It does not require any upstream and downstream pipes and can even be fitted following two 90° pipe elbows. The HHR FlowPak is thus the optimal solution for applications with limited space. At the same time, the instrument meets the requirements for high accuracy, low operating costs and a long service life. The HHR series brings a new dimension to DP-based flow measurement.


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