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3D multi-layer scanner

November 2020 Sensors & Transducers

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are taking over modern, smart intralogistics. In response, Pepperl+Fuchs has developed the R2300 multi-layer scanner, a 3D LiDAR sensor for travel path and rear-area monitoring. Due to its compact size, ease of integration and high availability, it is perfectly tailored to the requirements of such vehicles. Enabling collision avoidance, navigation support, and load detection, the R2300 is a multifunctional sensor that provides angle and distance measurement on four distinct planes. This enables non-contact 3D scanning of the environment. The sensing range of the R2300 multi-layer scanner provides users with significantly more scanning information than that of single-layer devices, ensuring a more reliable detection result. In addition, using only one multi-layer scanner instead of several sensors significantly reduces acquisition, wiring, and integration costs.

Precision and flexibility in the field

Based on innovative pulse ranging technology (PRT), the scanner excels by combining a high angular resolution of 0,1° with a precise light spot. It reliably detects even the smallest object structures and contours. The optical sensor concept also allows the detection field to be adjusted to the respective application.

The unit is also equipped with an optional red pilot laser for simple alignment and commissioning. The pilot laser is precisely aligned with the scanning layers of the infrared measuring laser, allowing the device to be operated easily without any additional tools. Furthermore, the 3D LiDAR sensor can be mounted in any position, depending on the required sensing range.

Rugged and compact housing design

The compact housing design ensures that the 3D multi-layer scanner uses space efficiently. With an overall height of just 58 mm, it fits perfectly into the flat vehicle frames of AMRs, shuttles, and small and ultra-flat AGVs. With the exception of the rotating mirror, the R2300 features entirely solid-state electronics, reducing its susceptibility to interference and making it highly resistant to impact and vibration.

In terms of applications, the warehousing and logistics sector often uses AGVs. These vehicles drive beneath the storage racks and transporting goods to a specified destination. Autonomous vehicles cover many kilometres each day and must always function reliably. Under these conditions, Pepperl+Fuchs’ R2300 3D LiDAR sensor provides reliable navigation and collision avoidance in navigation applications.


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