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Retrofit your vehicles with collision protection

November 2020 IS & Ex

Forklift drivers need a high level of concentration when manoeuvring in reverse. The camera-based anti-collision system from ifm, which automatically detects persons and obstacles in the rear area of the vehicle, warns the driver and stops the vehicle if necessary. Existing vehicles can be easily retrofitted with this plus in safety innovation.

Caution when manoeuvring

Particularly when reversing, drivers need to be cautious to avoid collisions with other forklift trucks or persons. They do not only have to keep an eye on the rear area of the vehicle, but must also ensure that the carrying ram does not collide with anything.

Drivers must still be fully alert at all times. They must always have 360° vision and monitor their load and where they are going. At the same time, they have to be aware of what is happening around them, e.g. colleagues and contractors crossing their path.

Collision warning system

In order to avoid critical situations, ifm has developed an automatic collision detection system. By means of a 3D camera, the system permanently monitors the rear of the forklift truck and gives the driver visual and acoustic feedback. Depending on the configuration level, the assistance system can even stop the vehicle, if necessary.

All obstacles are reliably detected, and, thanks to a special classification of reflective materials, e.g. reflective vests or clothing, the collision warning for persons can be given priority over other objects. This increases the safety of persons and leaves the driver enough time to slow the truck down and stop in time.

Easy retrofitting

The anti-collision system is offered as a ready-to-start application package, which includes all components to set up a fully functioning collision warning system on a mobile machine.

In addition to the camera, the monitor and the controller, the package contains all necessary cables and mounting accessories. This means it can be easily retrofitted on all mobile machines with 24 V on-board system voltage.

Commissioning is easy. After installation of the system, setup is carried out within a few minutes via the push-buttons and the colour display of the control unit. Only a few parameters (height and inclination angle of the camera, vehicle width, etc.) are required in the intuitive setup process. In contrast to some other systems, no PC is required for parameter setting.


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