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New Modicon IIoT-ready controller

September 2020 PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

Schneider Electric has announced a powerful new solution for the smart-machine era. The Modicon M262 controller is IIoT-ready for logic and motion applications. It offers intuitive, scalable and reliable machine integration into the Industry 4.0 environment, machine to device, machine to human, machine to machine, machine to plant or machine directly to cloud.

The M262 embeds cybersecurity features and encryption protocols to provide direct cloud connectivity and digital services thanks to its two ready-to-work and independent embedded Ethernet ports. Key benefits include:

Connectivity: up to five one-to-one independent Ethernet networks and cyber-secured cloud connectivity options for easy integration into the plant with open protocols, including OPC UA, PackML and SQL, or to the cloud with MQTT, JSON or HTTPs requests (API).

Efficiency: with four to 16 synchronised axes with scalable cycle time down to 1 ms and a 3 ns/instruction processing speed independent from communication tasks, the controller responds to performance demanding motion applications.

Flexibility: the M262 also addresses logic application needs, as an ‘all-in-one’ motion controller, embedding all the features of Motion bus, encoder and touch probes.

Protection: with an embedded safety solution, the system complies with the latest safety regulations up to SIL3. It offers embedded encrypted communication, network separation, Achilles certification and other cybersecurity features.

Connected for greater efficiency

The IIoT-ready design delivers intuitive direct cloud connectivity, which enables OEMs to maximise profitability and optimise their time, from the design of performance-demanding applications to the commissioning of the machine.

The new M262 is an integral part of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Machine, a complete architecture that brings powerful capabilities to smart machines. EcoStruxure Machine empowers machine builders and OEMs to innovate in the new, digital era.

Easy connection to EcoStruxure Machine Advisor delivers unprecedented insight into machines. Machine Advisor allows OEMs to enable asset monitoring and predictive maintenance, thereby expanding possibilities for generating end user services revenue.


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