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July 2022 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Endress+Hauser recently launched its Memosens Lab portfolio, consisting of Liquiline Mobile CML18 and Memosens sensors for pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen measurements. The portfolio simplifies lab measurements and random sampling in the field.

The new range – consisting of the Liquiline CML18 and the associated CPL51E, CPL53E, CPL57E, CPL59E, CLL47 and COL37 – combines simple operation with trustworthy measured values. The portfolio supports data and quality management in verification processes of online measurements. It provides automatic and tamper-proof traceability of the calibration history and enables easy data transfer via Bluetooth.

No matter whether in the laboratory or for random sampling measurements directly in the field, the laboratory sensors are simply connected to the Liquiline Mobile CML18 handheld via plug-and-play and the user can start the measurement. Switching between the various parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity can be performed quickly and easily, directly at the measuring point. Further calibration is not necessary thanks to pre-calibration and Memosens 2.0 technology. For advanced functions and extended usability, a smartphone can be connected to the handheld.

Supporting enhanced GLP (good laboratory practice), the sensors and the Liquiline Mobile support data and quality management in your verification process of online measurements. This ensures automatic and tamper-proof traceability of the calibration history and allows easy data transmission via Bluetooth to transfer information such as time stamps. All important information can be accessed from anywhere via the free SmartBlue app.


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