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Drive-based solutions enhance machine efficiency and safety
June 2022, Motion Control & Drives

BMG’s electromechanical specialists are able to extend and adjust NORD drive equipment for drive monitoring, drive control and process control.
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Stark warning over counterfeit bearings
June 2022, News

A useful application has been developed that enables identification of a counterfeit product by scanning QR codes on packaging.
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Drive-based predictive maintenance solutions
May 2022, Motion Control & Drives

BMG’s NORD predictive maintenance solutions offer fast, efficient and comprehensive evaluation of analogue and digital data, to enhance the operational efficiency and safety of machines. The intelligent ...
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Match & Tag for high accuracy in paired chain
May 2022, Motion Control & Drives

Modern machinery often requires chains of precisely the same length to be used in pairs or other multiples. For these applications, BMG specialists recommend Tsubaki Match & Tag chains, which guarantee ...
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Power transmission solutions for the sugar sector
March 2022, Motion Control & Drives

BMG plays a critical role in the sugar sector, not only during the operational period of sugar production, but also in off-crop seasons, when maintenance and refurbishment on sugar farms and at mills ...
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‘Match & Tag’ chains service
March 2022, Motion Control & Drives

Tsubaki pre-stretched chains are supplied by BMG in matched-length pairs that are tagged for easy identification and accurate installation.
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BMG World goes green
February 2022, News

BMG has commissioned a 450 kW solar plant at BMG World, the company’s central distribution and manufacturing site and head office in Johannesburg. “The first phase of BMG’s new solar plant, which ...
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An innovative alternative to mechanical seals
January 2022, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

BMG’s range of Garlock sealing products includes a versatile sealing system that replaces mechanical seals in industrial pump applications.
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BMG opens new branch in Maun, Botswana
January 2022, News

BMG has extended its service in Botswana, with the opening in November 2021, of a new branch in Maun.
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BMG extends bearing portfolio
January 2022, Motion Control & Drives

BMG’s bearings portfolio has been enriched with the addition of the new RN series, launched recently by leading global bearing manufacturer, Rexnord.
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BMG’s heavy-duty mechanical face seals
November 2021, News

BMG’s extensive range of seals and gaskets includes Trelleborg mechanical face (torric) seals, which have been specially engineered for rotating applications in arduous conditions.
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Conveyor chain for special applications
November 2021, Motion Control & Drives

BMG’s comprehensive range of power transmission components incorporates ZMC industrial conveyor chains that offer dependable service in diverse applications, especially in food production.
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