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Conductivity sensor with IO-Link
July 2019, Sensors & Transducers

The ILM-4 conductivity sensor with IO-Link is a big step towards Industry 4.0 in hygienic process technology. It is equipped with both digital and analog interfaces in parallel. Data can therefore be ...
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Inline analytical technology for liquor process control
May 2019, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

One of the most important processes in the pulp and paper industry is the alkaline sulphate process, where lignin is separated from the fibrous material. Recycling of the chemicals used is vital for environmental ...
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Continuous level measurement
Africa Automation Fair 2019 Preview, Level Measurement & Control

The Nivobob series from Morton Controls is used for continuous level measurement within bulk storage silos and for interface measurement of sludge beds. The system is immune to dust, dielectricity, conductivity, ...
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Pressure and level transmitter
Africa Automation Fair 2019 Preview, Pressure Measurement & Control

The Anderson-Negele L3 pressure and level transmitter is designed for measuring variable process pressure or hydrostatic applications in the hygienic industry. It can be viewed at Stand C13. Features ...
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Level monitoring and visualisation
March 2019, Level Measurement & Control

UWT’s Nivotec series is designed to make data movement and communication between monitoring and control systems easy and flexible. The Nivotec 2000 and 3500 series are specifically adaptable to customer ...
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Hygienic limit switches for processes
February 2019, Sensors & Transducers

Process and storage vessels incorporate limit switches to prevent overfilling of a tank or vessel (full indicator) or dry running of a pump (empty indicator). Anderson-Negele’s NCS series are ideally ...
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Contents measurement in silos
January 2019, Level Measurement & Control

Each industry provides its own challenges with regard to accurate process control. In the mining and metal processing industry, accurate level measurement is a challenge due to the increased volume of ...
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Concentration monitoring for pulp and paper
October 2018, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

In the pulp and paper industry, the alkaline sulphate process, which is where fibrous material is separated from lignin, is important. These chemicals need to be recycled, due to environmental and economic ...
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SIL2 for UWT’s rotating paddle ­series
October 2018, Level Measurement & Control

The terms ‘functional safety’ and ‘safety integrity level’ (SIL) have occurred more frequently since the publication of the international standard IEC 61508/IEC61511. Particularly in systems with hazard-causing ...
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SIL2 for rotating paddle level switch
September 2018, Level Measurement & Control

The terms functional safety and safety integrity level (SIL) have occurred more frequently since the publication of the international standard IEC 61508/IEC 61511. Particularly in systems with hazard-causing ...
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Avoiding cross-contamination
August 2018, Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

Food-borne diseases and bacteria are a concern at factories dealing with various forms of food, beverage and bio-pharma products, using the same machines. While all the plants in these industries have ...
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New generation of conductivity sensors
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview, Sensors & Transducers

The new ILM-4 inductive conductivity sensor from Anderson-Negele meets the demand for intelligent sensors for hygienic applications. This includes improved performance and direct output of concentration. ...
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