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What to do when fragmented systems get too complex
November 2021, Editor's Choice

With proper planning, a strategic approach, careful vendor selection and a systematic project methodology, you can successfully upgrade to a future-proof ICT infrastructure that supports ongoing digital transformation.
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Of gorillas and swarms – the manufacturing CIO’s new dilemma
July 2021, Editor's Choice

Back in the heyday of integrated business systems, the manufacturing CIO was faced with a relatively simple choice: which big ERP vendor to select and what database technology to run the system on?
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Applying systems thinking to smart plants
April 2021, IT in Manufacturing

Systems thinking is ideal for understanding complex, interrelated systems, such as a manufacturing company.
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Smart manufacturing and the new normal
November 2020, IT in Manufacturing

In manufacturing, it is likely that billions of dollars have been lost in 2020, while a high percentage of manufacturing jobs have been negatively impacted.
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An example of control and automation using IIoT, edge computing and the cloud
July 2020, IT in Manufacturing

   The challenges of working in remote locations I am involved in a number of projects investigating the feasibility of coal-bed-methane (CBM) in southern Africa. During one of these projects, I came ...
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Finding the common thread in process industries
March 2020, IT in Manufacturing

Initially focused on financial management and MRP (materials resource planning), ERP has evolved to embrace the whole value chain, from vendor management, manufacturing, supply chain/logistics, customer relationship management and more.
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AI in manufacturing – revolutionary opportunity or well-trodden path?
December 2019, IT in Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a catchphrase used by marketers that attributes the characteristics of human intelligence to a computer system.
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Integrating IT with Operations Technology - a CIO perspective
October 2019, IT in Manufacturing

Digitisation projects, spurred on by Industry 4.0 and technological advances, have opened up many possibilities to create new value.
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Preparing fertile ground for a successful IIoT project
Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things & Industry 4.0, Editor's Choice

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a collection of emerging technologies that together have the potential to create significant business value and even create new business models.
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Now might be the time to have a talk with your IT service provider
March 2019, Editor's Choice, IT in Manufacturing

The Gartner hype cycle provides a simple graphic representation of how emerging technologies are adopted in the market. The principle is quite simple: a new technology (such as augmented reality) will ...
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New toolkits for innovation
January 2019, Editor's Choice

Why you might want to bypass the DCS and scada systems.
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How adding services to products could start your journey towards an Industry 4.0 solution
October 2018, Editor's Choice, IT in Manufacturing

For manufacturers, digital transformation involves understanding a range of new technologies and applying these to both create new business and to improve the current operation. Industry 4.0 provides ...
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