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EM supplies smart building solutions
March 2019, Electrical Power & Protection

The latest Hager smart solutions for automated building control have been supplied by ElectroMechanica (EM) of Cape Town for Swarovski Lighting’s new showroom in Green Point. The leading supplier specified ...
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Compact soft starters for control of three-phase motors
February 2019, Electrical Power & Protection

Soft starters limit the inrush current, improving overall stability of the power supply and reducing transient voltage drops, which may affect other loads in a network. They are ideal for applications ...
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Pre-assembled panel systems for pumping applications
January 2019, System Integration & Control Systems Design

A complete range of robust pre-assembled irrigation and solar pump panel systems are available from ElectroMechanica (EM) for a wide range of pumping applications. “These solutions are designed not only ...
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Software for low voltage distribution planning
November 2018, IT in Manufacturing

New software from Hager facilitates planning and configuration of low voltage switchgear.
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Socomec’s Digiware system deployed in Sandton
October 2018, Electrical Power & Protection

ElectroMechanica (EM) has supplied the Socomec Digiware system to a large South African corporation’s head office in Sandton, where it is being used for electrical metering in compliance of a Green Star ...
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Automation for the water industry
April 2015, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

Rapid social and economic developments, as well as urbanisation, have led to the supply of clean water becoming a critical issue worldwide. In recent years, water quality standards have been tightened ...
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