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Is your building safe from fire?
March 2019, IS & Ex

Correct selection of detectors is vital.
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AST’s line-type heat sensing
February 2019, Temperature Measurement

Alien Systems & Technologies (AST) offers a wide range of automatic fire detection systems from advanced ultra-smart addressable point type detection systems to regular conventional systems.
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AST adds new value to fire suppression in 2019
January 2019, IS & Ex

Moving forward into 2019, Alien Systems & Technologies has put new value-added services in place for customers.       New value-added services Pyroshield IG55 gaseous automatic fire extinguishing systems ...
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PyroStorm provides cost-effective fire protection for control equipment
December 2018, IS & Ex

If you work at a large industrial plant or mine, you may have noticed those hydraulic lubricating oil packs, or perhaps the diesel generator sets, oil store rooms, pump rooms or flammable liquids stores, ...
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Don’t forget to test your fire protection systems before the holiday shutdown
November 2018, IS & Ex

As the year draws to a close, it is natural that people start looking forward to the holidays. It is therefore quite easy to neglect to consider the damaging effect a fire could have on businesses during ...
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AST’s automated fire extinguishing systems
October 2018, System Integration & Control Systems Design

Restoring protection after a fire is an integral part of the service.
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Pyrogen system ideal for fire protection in cabinet systems
September 2018, Electrical Power & Protection

Method of operation Pyrogen is the ideal choice for in-cabinet systems. It is essentially a non-pressurised canister that contains a potent fire extinguishing compound that consists primarily of potassium. ...
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Automatic fire protection
August 2018, IS & Ex

When an insurance company evaluates a business facility, key infrastructure areas are given special attention to reduce the risk in the event of a fire. These include IT equipment, warehousing, substations, ...
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AST’s Pyroshield fire protection
July 2018, IS & Ex

Gaseous fire extinguishing system saves the South African economy millions.
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The next generation in fire detection
June 2018, IS & Ex

Cirrus Hybrid represents the next evolutionary step in the advancement of fire detection systems.
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Do not let untrained personnel maintain fire suppression systems
May 2018, IS & Ex

Alien Systems & Technologies (AST) takes great care to ensure that its fire protection systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. In addition, its personnel are highly trained ...
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Do not let untrained personnel maintain fire suppression systems
Technews Industry Guide: Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2018, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

In a world where safety systems are of paramount importance, the integrity of these systems becomes a focal point. Fire protection systems are a case in point. Alien Systems & Technologies (AST) takes ...
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