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Predictive analytics for artificial lifts
September 2020, IT in Manufacturing

Machine learning and artificial intelligence applications in artificial lift systems have seen a growth in importance recently and are no longer a nice to have, but essential tools for well optimisation.
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Wireless vibration monitor
September 2020, Industrial Wireless

Emerson’s AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor makes it possible to monitor motors, pumps, fans and other critical plant equipment to reduce downtime and achieve more reliable operations.
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Emerson publishes 2019 Social Responsibility Report
July 2020, News

Emerson combines industry-leading technology and innovation to make a positive impact on employees, customers and communities around the world.
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Digital classroom trains next generation workers
August 2020, News

Emerson has announced the launch of a new 'digital classroom', a virtual training facility that connects students throughout the Middle East and Africa region with Emerson experts who train them on a ...
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HMIs improve operations and maintenance collaboration
June 2020, System Integration & Control Systems Design

It is essential that operators and maintenance engineers work together to resolve issues quickly, before they affect plant performance. However, coordinating actions between these departments can be challenging.  ...
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Vibration sensor for prescriptive analytics
June 2020, Industrial Wireless

Emerson has introduced the AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor, a low-cost, easy to deploy vibration sensor that performs prescriptive analytics on vibration data using native software to automatically identify ...
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Wireless detection of erosion corrosion
June 2020, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

While many forms of corrosion can be anticipated depending on the presence of corrosion causing factors such as H2S, water injection and oxygen in dry pipelines, erosion caused as a result of sand or ...
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Emerson introduces software for flow measurement
July 2020, Flow Measurement & Control

Emerson has released Micro Motion ProcessViz, a standalone, cost-effective software solution for flowmeter process data visualisation. Having an instant visualisation of raw process data translates into ...
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Emerson’s new thermowell design tool
June 2020, Temperature Measurement

Emerson has introduced the Rosemount Thermowell Design Accelerator, a free online thermowell design tool that eliminates manual thermowell iterations facing process design engineers when sizing thermowells. ...
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Emerson’s software secures health and safety
May 2020, IT in Manufacturing

Emerson’s new DataManager software v8.2 helps refiners monitor corrosion of hydrofluoric (HF) acid alkylation units to prevent costly, unplanned shutdowns and maximise profits and productivity. DataManager ...
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Emerson acquires American Governor
May 2020, News

Emerson has announced that it has completed the purchase of American Governor Company, a leader in technologies and services for hydroelectric turbine controls. The addition of American Governor builds ...
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Ultrasonic transducer with mini horn array
May 2020, Flow Measurement & Control

Emerson has released the Daniel T-200, a titanium-housed transducer, for its gas ultrasonic flowmeter product line, marking the first use of metal 3D printing to enhance the acoustic performance of ultrasonic ...
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