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OEM pressure sensor for mobile working machines
June 2024, Sensors & Transducers

The MH-4-CAN, based on the MH-4, is a powerful, reliable and extremely resilient pressure sensor for mobile working machines.
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Magnetostrictive level transmitter
May 2024, Level Measurement & Control

WIKA’s new model FLM-Tx-FLEX magnetostrictive level transmitter is used for high-accuracy, continuous level detection of liquids, including those with long insertion lengths.
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Chain hoist friction clutch tester
April 2024, Motion Control & Drives

WIKA’s FRKPS chain hoist test set is a reliable and efficient way to test the friction clutch on your chain hoist.
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In-line process transmitter to optimise sterile processes
February 2024, Sensors & Transducers

The new model DMSU22SA in-line process transmitter from WIKA helps to optimise sterile processes in the pharmaceutical and food industries, with less energy consumption, less cleaning effort ,and more safety.
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Pressure measurement without risk of contamination
February 2024, Pressure Measurement & Control

Injectables are among the most sensitive products in the pharmaceutical industry. Sterility is essential during production. For this reason, a manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals decided to implement the pressure monitoring of its processes with hygienic instruments from WIKA.
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Universal temperature transmitter with drift detection
November 2023, Temperature Measurement

The new model T38 digital temperature transmitter from WIKA enables extremely flexible and stable temperature measurement. The instrument offers a maximum of sensor connection combinations, and a new type of drift detection.
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Grounding of hydrostatic level sensors
October 2023, Level Measurement & Control

Hydrostatic level sensors are very often installed in outdoor applications, primarily in the water and wastewater industries. A good connection to ground is essential when installing hydrostatic level sensors, since no grounding or poor grounding can result in destruction or damage to the level sensor.
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Safe pressure measurement in chlorine production
September 2023, Pressure Measurement & Control

Pressure measurement plays a central role in chlorine production, which is a safety-critical process.
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Electronic pressure switch for hygienic applications
August 2023, Pressure Measurement & Control

The WIKA PSD-4 electronic pressure switch is the universal solution for industrial automation tasks – also in hygienic applications and under harsh conditions.
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Digital pressure gauge for use in mobile service applications
July 2023, Pressure Measurement & Control

The WIKA model CPG1200 digital pressure gauge enables convenient and flexible setting of operating pressures, readjusting pressure switches and carrying out pressure monitoring, for example leak testing during transport.
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Smart in Sensing
June 2023, Sensors & Transducers

WIKA has introduced a new concept to underpin its global strategy for the coming years. First launched at this year’s Hannover Messe exhibition, Smart in Sensing is poised to take the company to a new level of service.
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Ultra high purity transducer
August 2023, Sensors & Transducers

WIKA’s WUD-2x-E model is a compact, ultra-high-purity transducer for high-accuracy pressure measurement of ultrapure gases in the semiconductor industry.
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