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WIKA SA opens online shop
November 2021, News

Now customers in South Africa can order measurement technology directly from the manufacturer – simple, quick, secure.
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Electronic differential pressure transmitter
November 2021, Pressure Measurement & Control

Differential pressure measurement using primary and secondary circuits offers several advantages over conventional differential pressure methods.
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Safe pressure monitoring for vaccine production
October 2021, Pressure Measurement & Control

Since vaccines are injected directly into the body, safety and purity have the highest priority in production.
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Pressure switches with metal bellows
September 2021, Pressure Measurement & Control

What advantages do pressure switches with metal bellows offer and what is the basis for these?
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Electronic flow switch with display
August 2021, Flow Measurement & Control

The new model FSD-4 electronic flow switch from WIKA offers full flexibility in monitoring and controlling flow based on the velocities of liquid media.
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Vibration-resistant thermowells
July 2021, Temperature Measurement

Debottlenecking is desirable as minor percentage increases in output capacity can result in significant profit returns.
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Diaphragm seal systems with Tri-Clamp
April 2021, Pressure Measurement & Control

In sanitary applications, diaphragm seal systems ensure a safe and precise monitoring of the process pressure. WIKA therefore also offers welded units of diaphragm seal and measuring instrument with Tri-Clamp ...
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75 years of WIKA
March 2021, News

From pressure gauge factory to a global player for measurement technology.
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New flange monoblock with shut-off valve
March 2021, Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

WIKA’s new monoblock with flange design integrates a shut-off valve to separate the process from the instrument side.
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Material selection of mechanical pressure switches
May 2021, Pressure Measurement & Control

The careful and application-oriented selection of the materials of the parts is a key factor for selecting suitable mechanical pressure switches for industrial machines.
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Functional safety with switches
February 2021, IS & Ex

WIKA switches have been issued SIL approval due to their proven operational reliability.
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Highest energy efficiency reduces operating costs
November 2020, Pressure Measurement & Control

Pressure loss is synonymous with higher energy costs that must be spent for normal operation.
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