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Automated equipment monitoring
April 2024, Industrial Wireless

When it comes to product design, engineering and development, SKF has always opted for a multi-faceted approach. Ticking all these boxes is the new SKF Axios; a simple, scalable, cost-effective, and cloud-based end-to-end predictive maintenance solution for rotating equipment, from SKF and Amazon Web Services.
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SKF showcases circular economy solutions at Mining Indaba
March 2024, News

Mining is a key account segment for SKF globally, and SKF South Africa used Mining Indaba 2024 as a platform to spotlight its premium-brand mining and industrial product, technology, and service solutions.
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Collect data three times faster
March 2024, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

SKF has extended its renowned Microlog Analyzer family of data collection devices with the addition of the Microlog Analyzer dBX. Currently SKF’s most powerful diagnostic tool, this cutting-edge device redefines diagnostic capabilities, enabling users to take measurements three times faster than its predecessor.
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Accurate and effective bearing replacement
March 2024, IT in Manufacturing

Each year, incorrect mounting is causing countless bearing failures. Overcoming this can deliver multiple benefits to owners and operators of rotating machinery, including reduced maintenance costs and fewer breakdowns.
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SKF’s successful raid action in Cape Town
February 2024, News

Authorities, with collaborative support from SKF, recently conducted a large and highly effective raid on a very well-known bearing seller of SKF bearings in Cape Town.
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Intelligent filling machine lubrication for food and beverage
January 2024, Motion Control & Drives

One of the most critical applications determining overall OEE in beverage manufacture is the filling machine itself. Therefore the filling equipment must be accurate, versatile, hygienic and reliable.
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Powerful diagnostic tool for condition monitoring
January 2024, Motion Control & Drives

SKF has extended its Microlog Analyser family of data collection devices with a new model that offers faster measurement collection and greater diagnostic power. “The new SKF Microlog Analyser that is ...
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SKF doubles mean time between failures
January 2024, Motion Control & Drives

The utilisation of SKF sealed bearings, combined with upgraded internal modifications, reconditioning and locally manufactured custom seals, has increased the average mean time between failures (MTBF) of scraper idlers on a customer’s submerged scraper conveyor (SCC) from between three and six months, up to between 12 and 18 months.
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Bearing heater facilitates installation
November 2023, Motion Control & Drives

SKF’s TWIM 15 induction bearing heater heats up roller bearings and other ring-shaped metallic components. By eliminating the need to use force, the bearing heater facilitates the bearing installation process, keeping uptime to a maximum.
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Belt alignment tool for belt and chain drives
October 2023, Motion Control & Drives

The accurate alignment of belt and chain drives can make a considerable contribution to a plant’s overall production levels, and subsequent profitability. SKF’s TKBA series of belt alignment tools can align pulleys and sprockets accurately, and allow for corrections for various types of misalignment.
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Keep your ear to the ground
October 2023, Sensors & Transducers

The SKF TKST 21 Stethoscope is a high-quality handheld instrument that monitors noise in bearings, machines and components.
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Power transmission coupled with training
September 2023, Motion Control & Drives

The successful collaboration between SKF Power Transmission Components and SKF Training Solutions has resulted in the delivery of an integrated, fully customised customer solution. The customer, a leading fan manufacturer specialising in mining ventilation, needed a customised disc coupling for a large fan, and reached out to SKF for assistance.
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