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Legacy alarm upgrade for Uganda’s power generator
November 2021, System Integration & Control Systems Design

In a digital age, where we rely so heavily on computer-based equipment, do we still need bulky, hard-wired annunciator panels?
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Benefits of PowerView CP for pipelines
October 2021, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Omniflex has developed the PowerView CP (cathodic protection) system over several years to bring up-to-date technology to Impressed Current Cathodic Protection.
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Remote monitoring for CP systems
August 2021, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

PowerView iREF8 allows businesses to add remote monitoring to existing cathodic protection (CP) systems.
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Monitored cathodic systems
July 2021, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Omniflex partners with IEV to bring remotely monitored cathodic protection systems to South East Asia.
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Changing negative attitudes towards alarms
June 2021, System Integration & Control Systems Design

Why technology is only as good as the people using it.
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Temperature and humidity monitoring for vaccine rollouts
May 2021, Temperature Measurement

How remotely monitoring facilities maintains the vaccine cold chain.
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Remote monitoring of temperature in cryopreservation facilities
March 2021, Industrial Wireless

When the Medical Research Council needed to upgrade sixteen of its facilities to monitor temperature and humidity levels in its -80°C sample storage area, it engaged Omniflex to find a solution.
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A tailored way to stay up to date
April 2021, News, Electrical Power & Protection

Remote monitoring specialist relaunches its highly anticipated newsletter.
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Protecting hazardous areas from corrosion
April 2021, IS & Ex

Omniflex has gained IECEx certification to manufacture intrinsically safe electrical equipment for the global market, supplementing its existing hazardous area equipment approvals.
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Leading safety in the fragrance industry
May 2021, IS & Ex

How Givaudan enhanced its safety critical processes.
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Keep our bridges standing
February 2021, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Omniflex’s iGAL galvanic CP monitor is battery powered and so can be installed quickly and easily. It is as simple as connecting up the anodes, reference electrode half-cells, and switching it on.
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Using existing cabling to create a new industrial LAN
November 2020, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

Omniflex’s Conet technology allows businesses to repurpose existing cabling to create a new industrial local area network.
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