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Merging control and telemetry
June 2019, Industrial Wireless

Wireless telemetry and control in plants have become a necessity with the data acquisition requirement of modern plant control to lift performance and compliance. In-plant cabling costs often push the ...
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Responsive wireless I/O from ­Omniflex
May 2019, Industrial Wireless

Radio networks traditionally follow the Master (main station node) and Slave (out station node) methodology for data acquisition. A single master polls for data from one or more slaves, depending on the ...
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Alarm visualisation by Omniflex
April 2019, Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

Plant diagnostics is a key element to ongoing plant reliability and productivity. Identifying some plant abnormalities is akin to spotting an individual animal in a herd of moving animals. It is dynamic ...
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Wireless and telemetry by Omniflex
March 2019, Industrial Wireless

Wireless telemetry in plants is a necessity for the data acquisition requirements of modern process efficiency and compliance monitoring. However, cabling costs often push the economic viability of such ...
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Contact in to contact out over fibre optic cable
February 2019, IS & Ex

The Omniterm FCT and FCR modules provide the ability to send a digital contact signal up to 4 km over a single optical fibre. When the contact on the FCT transmitter module is closed, the relay output ...
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Omniflex’s voice alarms
January 2019, Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

Alarm overload is an issue most control rooms must deal with on an ongoing basis and relieving the situation is a priority for most process engineering professionals. Much of the burden has been caused ...
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Omniflex’s satellite communications
December 2018, Industrial Wireless

Remote monitoring requires the usage of the most suitable communications infrastructure available at the remote location. While GSM networks are ubiquitous they do not always provide complete coverage, ...
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Getting alarms to the right people
November 2018, Industrial Wireless

Getting alarms to the right people at the right time can sometimes be a difficult exercise. Management, supervisors and engineers alike often need to be made aware of certain alarms that are triggered, ...
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IIoT enabled control and data acquisition from Omniflex
October 2018, IT in Manufacturing

Omniflex specialises in remote monitoring solutions based on years of plant networking experience from last mile networking to mainstream Ethernet backbones. The Teleterm range specifically addresses ...
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Using alarm annunciators in SIL-rated systems
September 2018, IS & Ex

In modern processing plants, the issue of functional safety is steadily gaining importance. Alarm annunciators are an integral part of safety planning, especially in processing plants where alarm conditions ...
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Advanced condition monitoring by Omniflex
August 2018, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Managing the condition of remote assets is no longer a major undertaking. Equipment like pumps and motors require ongoing maintenance and valuable up-time is compromised by missed preventive maintenance ...
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Remote monitoring and telemetry at power station water plants
July 2018, Data Acquisition & Telemetry

The wireless ability to manage pumps remotely over long distances is now available using Omniflex’s Teleterm M3 Radio RTUs. This full functionality IEC61131 PLC enables both control and wireless communications ...
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