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Determination of tank content volume by linearised ultrasonic method
May 2001, Level Measurement & Control

A company that produces various liquids had a need for an indicator that could display, in litres, the amount of solvent in a tank. Because the solvent is corrosive, an ultrasonic level sensor was used. ...
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Simple control solution
January 2001, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

A Red Lion motor drive controller, Model MDC, is used to control the speed of the film as it passes through the chemical solutions. A Model RPGC0061 (rotary pulse generator, 100 pulses/rev) is used as ...
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Simple solution for wood-cutting application
November 2000, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

A customer wanted to control the feed rate of lumber into a saw to maintain efficient speed without loading down the saw motor. A Red Lion motor drive controller was used to implement this function. The ...
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