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Enhanced multifunctional mass flow meters and controllers for gases
May 2024, Flow Measurement & Control

Building upon the success of the acclaimed FLEXI-FLOW Compact series, Bronkhorst presents an extensive line extension, offering unparalleled versatility and precision in gas flow measurement and control.
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Mecosa training courses
February 2024, Training & Education

Courses designed for Radiation Protection Officers    This seminar is designed to equip the participants with an understanding of radioactive sources, their application, safe use and what to do in the ...
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Safeguarding precision in industrial radiometric measurements
January 2024, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

In the complex landscape of industrial plant operations, precision is paramount, especially when it comes to weld inspections to test for structural integrity of pipes. Berthold has the ideal answer to this challenge – X-Ray Interference Protection.
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Advanced leak testing techniques for fuel cell stacks
Technews Industry Guide: Sustainable Manufacturing 2023, Flow Measurement & Control

As the demand for sustainable mobility surges, the automotive industry is rapidly transitioning to electric- and hydrogen-powered vehicles. Among the promising options, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are gaining traction due to their eco-friendly nature.
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Radiometric measurement instruments
Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Show Preview, Level Measurement & Control

Berthold is an expert in radiometric measurements, specialising in solutions for density, point level, continuous level, and multiphase/density profiles. Berthold’s products provide an accurate and reliable ...
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Photo-optical image-based measurements
Africa Automation Technology Fair 2023 Show Preview, News

SOPAT develops and distributes a photo-optical image-based measurement technique for quantitative characterisation of multiphase systems. Using inline probes, microscopic images are captured from the ...
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The best detectors on the market
March 2023, Level Measurement & Control

Berthold specialises in radiometric measurements, and provides solutions for density, point level, continuous level and multiphase/density profiles.
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Tiny transmitter for Memosens sensors
Technews Industry Guide: Sustainable Manufacturing 2022, Sensors & Transducers

In keeping with the use of Memosens sensors in tough environments, the MT201N transmitter is equipped with a sturdy, sealed housing.
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A new era of mass flow control
May 2022, Mass Measurement

The Flexi-Flow is a revolutionary instrument that not only allows you to measure and control gas flow and measure the temperature, but also to measure and control the upstream and downstream pressures in your process with one flexible instrument.
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Transmitter for thermocouple sensor measurements
February 2022, Sensors & Transducers

INOR recently launched APAQ 130TC, a modern transmitter used for measurement with thermocouple sensors. The new transmitter is available in two variants: APAQ C130TC for mounting in the connection head ...
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Webinar on radiometric level measurement
November 2021, News

Experts from Berthold discuss the advantages of a rod source/point detector arrangement.
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Compact ultrasonic flow controller
November 2021, Flow Measurement & Control

Bronkhorst’s new, compact ES-Flow ultrasonic flowmeter/controller series ES-113C was designed for the OEM market to measure or dose low volume flows with high precision, high linearity and low pressure drop.
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