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Networked beer tanks delight both landlords and breweries
May 2021, Sensors & Transducers

Smart transmitters trigger automatic reorders when tanks levels run low.
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Battery powered digital temperature gauges
March 2021, Temperature Measurement

hese gauges offer a wide range of industrial and analytical possibilities for applications where high accuracy and clear indication are required.
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Pressure sensors for complete systems
March 2021, Pressure Measurement & Control

There are often great benefits to optimising pressure sensors specifically for use and integration into higher-level complete systems.
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Exact determination of fuel consumption
April 2021, Flow Measurement & Control

The Kobold DOE, an oval gear flowmeter, can be used with a wide range of media and chemicals
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Oval gear flowmeter
May 2021, Flow Measurement & Control

When liquid flows through the instrument, two oval geared rotors measure a constant volume per rotation.
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Upgraded IoT communications module
May 2021, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

ARC1 with the latest NB-IoT and LTE-M mobile communications technology.
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Inductive flowmeter with IO-Link
February 2021, Flow Measurement & Control

Instrotech is pleased to announce a new product development in Kobold’s magnetic inductive flowmeter range, featuring IO-Link.
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Optimum flow restriction at low cost
January 2021, Flow Measurement & Control

Kobold REG flow restrictors are ideally suited for the simple restriction to a pre-set throughput value of water, or liquids similar to water.
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Kobold’s calorimetric flow meter
January 2021, Flow Measurement & Control

The electronic flow monitor model KAL-D works according to the calorimetric principle, continuously monitoring water-based liquids.
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Membrane level monitor
October 2020, Level Measurement & Control

Kobold’s NMF membrane level monitors are an excellent choice for cost-effective level monitoring of bulk goods in storage vessels.
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Ultrasonic flowmeter for wide ranges
September 2020, Flow Measurement & Control

Bi-directionally transmitted ultrasonic waves provide precise results of volume flow as the result of their transit time difference. Installed in any position, the units can measure ranges of 1:250.
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Level switch with float
September 2020, Level Measurement & Control

Instrotech now offers Kobold’s M-series level switch comprising a float that slides up and down with the liquid, along a guide tube. Thus, up to four reed contacts moulded in the guide tube are switched ...
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