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Advanced new Festo valve portfolio gains immense popularity in industrial automation
November 2020, Editor's Choice

Kershia Beharie talks to SA Instrumentation and Control about choosing the right valves for machine applications from the popular Festo range.
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Do all wireless solutions solve real industry problems?
September 2020, Industrial Wireless

By using modern, standards-driven wireless technologies, designers and machine users have access to new tools that can help transform and simplify their working lives.
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Condition monitoring in the cloud
August 2020, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Detecting irregularities at an early stage and initiating the necessary measures before a system failure are now made possible by the dashboards and IoT gateway CPX-IOT from Festo. The turnkey, preconfigured ...
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Experience digitalisation at the Festo Virtual Exhibition
June 2020, News

Festo is breaking new ground with its first-ever Virtual Exhibition scheduled to take place from the 15-16 July. Visitors will get to experience digitalisation as never before. This exhibition will be ...
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Festo TechTalk: Energy efficiency thanks to smart products
July 2020, IT in Manufacturing

This year’s TechTalk focused on smart products that help companies to produce energy efficiently, educational measures that empower employees for lifelong learning as well as for the digital working world ...
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Festo online configurator tool simplifies sizing of process valves
April 2020, Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

From manually operated to automated process valves, the new configurator tool for process valves from Festo makes selecting the right solution easy and less time-consuming.
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Seamless integrated connectivity for electric automation from Festo
April 2020, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

The cloud is everywhere. We save data on the cloud and access it on our phones and computers from anywhere at our convenience. The same applies to seamless connectivity in industrial automation from your ...
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World record for Festo’s BionicOpter
December 2019, News

The Festo BionicOpter will be included in the 2020 Guinness World Records. The chapter ‘Robots’ presents the most amazing records from the world of super robots and artificial intelligence. The Festo ...
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Festo’s digitalised product world
January 2020, System Integration & Control Systems Design

HoloLens, mobile phones, 3D printing and smart glasses – the gadgets that captured the public imagination in the blockbuster movie ‘Back to the Future’ over 30 years ago have now become a reality, all thanks to digitalisation.
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Festo inspires with smart digital solutions at the Automation Expo
September 2019, News

Festo hosted the first leg of the Automation Expo in Johannesburg at the Sandton Convention Centre, while the second took place in Port Elizabeth at the Boardwalk Convention Centre. Both ended on a high ...
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Productivity Master points the way to digitalisation
September 2019, System Integration & Control Systems Design

Seamless connectivity of handling and software solutions developed by Festo.
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The powerful Festo modular control system CPX-E
Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things & Industry 4.0, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

Designed as an EtherCAT master and motion controller with protection to IP20, the powerful automation system CPX-E for factory and process automation with NE21-specific certifications is becoming the ...
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