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Redefining Industrial Automation with the new Festo Valve Terminal
April 2024, Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

Festo recently introduced its latest innovation in the form of the Valve Terminal VTUX. This invention marks the beginning of a new era in valve terminals, with its features making it an impressive solution for the future.
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merSETA and Festo to establish 4IR centre
November 2023, News

merSETA partnered with Festo, a leading supplier of industrial automation solutions and a global leader in technical education, to establish a 4IR skills centre at Maluti TVET College.
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Festo sponsors Power Engineering conference
November 2023, News

The School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Johannesburg recently opened its doors for the 31st Southern African Universities Power Engineering Conference. This prestigious conference focuses on power engineering, a crucial field that deals with the design, development and maintenance of power systems and equipment.
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Flexible interfaces in plant engineering with the modular Festo angle seat valve
August 2023, Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

The Angle Seat Valve VZXA from Festo is capable of efficiently and dependably regulating media flows at temperatures up to 230°C, while demonstrating resilience, adaptability and excellent performance.
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Unearthing efficiency in the mining industry with leading solutions from Festo
July 2023, Motion Control & Drives

In the mining Industry, the use of a reliable detonator cord winder can be the difference between a successful, profitable and safe operation or a disaster.
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Festo celebrates 50 years in the African market
April 2023, Editor's Choice, News

Festo has played a significant role in shaping the industrial landscape and improving the economy. Today, they have a strong presence across Africa. Their success can be attributed to their Process, Electric and Pneumatic Automation, as well as Didactic (technical education) business units that act cohesively to provide customers with single-source best-fit solutions.
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Automated cultivation of biomass
February 2023, Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

Algae are extremely efficient photosynthesisers, and absorb ten times more carbon dioxide than land plants. In bioreactors equipped with appropriate sensors, control technology and automation, the efficiency of algae can be increased to a hundred times that of land plants. The PhotoBionicCell research project, part of the Festo Bionic Learning Network, is demonstrating a potential approach for industrial biologisation in the future.
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Festo assists in reducing CO2 through sustainable engineering
January 2023, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

The key to a carbon-neutral future is to assess CO2 emissions from the product and then reduce these emissions with innovative solutions. Festo supports this process through free engineering tools. “Together ...
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Decentralised I/O system for factory digitalisation
November 2022, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

Up to 80 I/O nodes can be connected to the main systems, with a cable length of up to 50 m between the modules.
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Festo introduces Core Range ‘big five’ products
October 2022, Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

Festo South Africa is giving its customers easy access to its big five Core Range products through its latest campaign.
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Streamlined production with Festo Core Range
July 2022, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Festo has developed an innovative product portfolio that contains a selection of over 2500 attractively priced quality products that have been designed with the optimised functionality necessary to fulfil numerous standard automation tasks.
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Festo unveils world’s first pneumatic cobot
June 2022, Editor's Choice

The innovation aims to begin a new era in human-robot collaboration, at a price point that suits even small and medium-sized companies.
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