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Railway current and voltage transducers
November 2018, Electrical Power & Protection

Swiss manufacturer LEM has released its new traction catalogue describing railway current and voltage transducers. The new catalogue outlines the various technologies used by an isolated transducer design, ...
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Heavy-duty AC and DC contactors
October 2018, Electrical Power & Protection

Gigavac’s MX Series extended performance impervious ceramic (EPIC) sealed AC and DC contactors are designed to meet MIL-R-6106 and are especially suited for military vehicles and heavy duty applications. ...
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High voltage DC contactors
September 2018, Electrical Power & Protection

Gigavac’s HX Series Epic (extended performance impervious ceramic) hermetically-sealed, high-voltage DC contactors are among the smallest UL508, approved contactors for 1000 V hot switching. Since first ...
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Manual disconnect switches
September 2018, Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

Gigavac’s manual disconnect switches provide a level of sealed switching technology to meet any application requirement. All manual disconnect switches incorporate important key features such as lock-out/tag-out ...
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Split-core AC current transducers
March 2018, Electrical Power & Protection

Swiss manufacturer LEM now provides compact split-core, low-cost AC current transducers to provide a RMS 4-20 mA output from an external 20-30 V power supply (loop powered). Separate units are available ...
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Surface mounted isolated current transducers with integrated current conductor
September 2017, Sensors & Transducers

LEM has expanded its miniature transducer range for AC and DC isolated current measurement up to 300 kHz with the introduction of the Go series. These new components offer full isolation by integrating ...
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Split-core transducers for measurement of high DC currents
August 2017, Electrical Power & Protection

Complementing LEM’s range of products for advanced battery management applications, the new DH family of DC current transducers offers precise measurement of bipolar currents up to 2000 A. Measuring only ...
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Current and voltage sensing contactors
July 2017, Electrical Power & Protection

Gigavac has released a new range of current and voltage sensing contactors. These can help reduce the number of components in monitoring and control systems by integrating the sensing controls within ...
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DC current transducers
May 2017, Electrical Power & Protection

LEM has introduced the HAZ series of high current transducers, which includes six models capable of measurement from 4 000 to 20 000 A. The window will accommodate busbars of up to 162 x 42 mm. The HAZ ...
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Efficient new range of searchlights
April 2017, Electrical Power & Protection

The new Francis LED searchlight range has been developed to offer an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lamp sources. Using the highest grade of the world class OSRAM LED, ...
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Clamp current transformers from Universal Technic
March 2017, Electrical Power & Protection

Universal Technic France now offers more than 3500 products for AC/DC current measurement from 1 mA to 15 000 A. The newest addition is the MX Series of Hall-effect micro clamps, which measure low current ...
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High power contactor for reliable switching
August 2016, Electrical Power & Protection

Gigavac has announced the latest addition to its line of patented switching devices, the HX460. This new hermetically sealed HVDC contactor redefines the term high power switching by bringing massive ...
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