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Vibrating level limit switch is an economical solution

June 2000 Level Measurement & Control

The Vibracon Namur limit switch has been specially developed for use with liquids in Ex areas. It is not sensitive to air bubbles or deposit build-up, regardless of whether it is used in turbulent liquids or in viscous media.

The device is connected via a two-wire connection to a standard isolated switch amplifier with an intrinsically safe control circuit according to DIN 19234 (Namur). This means that the Vibracon is as easy to handle as a proximity switch.

The fixed error message 'line breakage' according to Namur allows safe signal transmission to the PLC or the control system. The simple and robust construction of the vibrating fork, made from stainless steel 318C17, without moving parts, allows the Vibracon to be mounted at any location. Using a test magnet, the level limit switch as well as the sequential circuit can be tested for proper functioning.


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