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May 2002 Temperature Measurement

Omniflex is now offering OmniWatch, which it says is a temperature monitoring system with a difference. Sixteen temperatures can be monitored at once without any multiplexing - and no rotary switches. The inputs may come from any 3-wire RTDs or thermocouples and cold junction compensation and linearisation are standard features.

Each temperature input has an alarm and trip setpoint allocated to it, and the setpoints are configurable via the front panel keypad. Each setpoint is represented by an LED indicator that can be configured with an optional enunciator sequence. This forces the operator to silence the audible, and acknowledge the alarm. An auto, or manual reset option can be chosen.

Each temperature channel may be viewed in turn on the front panel LCD display with its setpoints by using a scroll button. OmniWatch has an option to automate the display so that the display automatically scrolls through the channels at a specified time interval.

Each setpoint can have a relay or open collector output for the alarm status; these can be used to drive external devices when the setpoints are reached. To save on relay outputs group alarm functions are used to bring up alarm for the attention of operators. There are four group alarms. One each for setpoint 1 and setpoint 2 - and one each to function as a high high or low low group alarm. Every input is mapped to the group alarm.

The temperature inputs can be re-transmitted to another device as 4-20 mA outputs by simply fitting an analog output module to the OmniWatch.

Date and time stamp of alarms

Every alarm or trip is date and time stamped as it occurs.

This is useful for stringent quality control systems where recording of alarm and trips are required. These events are available to the Conet local area network which can route them to a scada database system.

OmniWatch has a history log which captures the last 64 trips and alarms with its date and time stamp and this can be viewed via the front panel of the OmniWatch. Operators thus have access to the latest information.

Up to 127 OmniWatch devices may be connected to a single twisted pair cable running the Omniflex Local Area Network - Conet. Conet is supported by most scada packages and can thus acquire the information from OmniWatch devices including all date and time stamped information.

Summary of OmniWatch unit features

* Alarm annunciation for temperature alarms and trips

* Display in degrees C or F.

* Front panel configuration or via PC.

* Re-transmit option (4-20 mA) for temperature inputs.

* Group alarm and trip facility.

* Optional independent alarm and trip outputs.

* Date and time stamp of alarms.

* History log of last 64 alarms and trips.

* Up to 127 OmniWatch devices on a twisted pair.


Building upon the 30 plus years of experience in the field of alarm and events monitoring instrumentation for industry, Omniflex continues to provide solutions for many plant applications such as temperature monitoring.

Ian Loudon, Omniflex

031 207 7466


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