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New generation of low voltage control gear

April 2000 Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

Sirius 3R is a new generation of low-voltage control-gear from Siemens Automation & Drives, making it possible to create all load feeders solely from standard devices. This state-of-the-art modular system consists of circuit breakers, contactors, overload relays (thermal and electronic), softstarters, thermistor relays and timers, together with mounting and connecting accessories.

All device groups of this switchgear family are optimally matched mechanically and electrically so as to enable users ease of installation and stocking. The devices require very little mounting space in a switchgear cubicle.

The entire modular system has four sizes up to 45 kW and in three widths – 45, 55 and 70 mm. It meets all requirements of switchgear used both for switching motors and for control circuits.

Circuit breakers for rated currents up to 100 A are short-circuit-proof to 50/100 kA at 400 V a.c. Common auxiliary switches can be fitted laterally or diagonally. All Sirius R3 circuit breakers are lockable in off position and provide a clear on, off or tripped indication. The setting ranges are unrestricted up to an ambient temperature of 60°C.

The power contactors have been designed for switching motors up to 45 kW at 400 V a.c. All contactors can be snapped onto a DIN rail and extended by auxiliary switches fitted on the front or the sides. There is no wiring because limiter blocks, such as diodes, RC snubber circuits or varistors, are snapped on. Contactors over 5,5 kW come with a four-leg coil enabling connections from the top, bottom or diagonally.

The contactor relays have the same physical dimensions as the smallest power contactor. Thanks to their high contact reliability they are particularly suited to work with programmable logic controllers.

The thermal overload and electronic overload relays also excel with good long-term stability and the same setting ranges as the 3RV circuit breakers. A uniform tripping block up to 100 A and an electric remote reset for all sizes ensure a clear layout of control elements across all relays. Butt-mounted and up to 60°C, the overload relay does not need de-rating. It has an integrated transparent and sealable cover for setting knob and test functions. Contactors can be fitted directly onto these overload relays because they have the same width. However, it is also available with a standalone module.

The 3RW Softstarter complements the Sirius range by being able to provide the range with an electronic softstarter capable of softstart and softstop, including a by-pass function. The units are available in the same sizes as the circuit breakers, contactors and overloads.

The 3RP timers complete the new switchgear family. They are available in 45 mm contactor size as well as in the compact, standard 22,5 mm design. The making and breaking capacity of the 3RP has been tested according to IEC 947-5-1 and is a 3 A for 115 to 230 V a.c. and 1 A from 13 to 24 V d.c. The timers with selectable time ranges from 0,05 s to 100 h run on noise-immune and surge-proof electronics. They function as on-delays or multi-functional time-delay relays with 16 functions and a wide voltage range from 24 to 240 V a.c./d.c.

SiriusNET allows the range the capability of communicating via ASI-bus or Profibus. The Sirius components have been incorporated into an intelligent combination capable of communicating with a PLC.


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