DirectSOFT 32 bit programming software

March 2000 SCADA/HMI

PLC Direct Southern Africa has an-nounced that DirectSoft 32 programming software for Koyo DirectLOGIC PLCs is now shipping and enhances user friendliness while expanding communications support. Significant new functionality has been added to the new software.

For example, documentation created with other Windows applications can be imported/exported using the CSV (comma separated variable) file format, a universal standard that makes it simple to transfer data between disparate systems and programs.

To make things even easier for new users, over 170 sample projects have been included to assist in coding common applications in their ladder diagrams. Not only does this speed up development but it also teaches good techniques for achieving efficient coding that runs at optimum speeds.

DirectSOFT 32 also includes support for Windows TAPI (telephony application programming interface) for modem configurations. By centralising this modem support within the Windows operating system, any modem driver updates can be applied without affecting DirectSOFT 32 and this support makes it as easy to connect to a PLC for remote dial ups as it is to connect to an ISP.

DirectSOFT 32 is now a showcase of software products that include not only programming software but HMI and DSData Servers for OPC (OLE for process control) and DDE (dynamic data exchange) connectivity, with all three products utilising the DirectSoft Communication Service. This enables a single PC to run all packages communicating at the same time over a common communication link. This is especially useful in scada applications where several PCs may require both HMI and PLC programming capability without interrupting the control process.

DirectSOFT 32 now has expanded Ethernet support for Intranet/Internet connectivity, allowing PLC monitoring and programming to take place from anywhere on the enterprise network. With ever increasing numbers of 'office' personnel requiring realtime plant data, this is an easy, flexible and safe way of providing such information to non-technical zones within the organisation.

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