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Rotating disc valves

March 2000 Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

The rotating disc valves from Mitech feature a unique rotating/shearing disc which provides a self lapping rotation and enhanced seat cleaning action which cuts through solids giving a long-lasting tight shut-off. The metal-to-metal seating makes the valves abrasion resistant over a wide temperature range, and their high pressure capability, which is better than industry standards, allows the force to be distributed over a larger area resulting in reduced trim wear.

An abrasion resistant full port eliminates obstruction to flow with minimal pressure drop, while the self-draining body reduces the chance of jamming due to material entrapment, stagnation and degradation. A spring-loaded connection between the disc and drive allows the disc to compensate for thermal expansion or contraction, adjusts for wear, ensures tight shut-off and resists back pressure.

Additional features include body purge connections which have the ability to flush valve cavity and internals while in operation, flat seating surfaces, repairable seats and a simple yet versatile design. Typical applications include for use in media such as steam, coke, fly ash/ash slurry, flammable liquids and gases, sand and boiler water.


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