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New developments in small radar sensors

March 2000 Level Measurement & Control

Radar level measuring sensors have special properties - they are rugged, abrasion proof, intelligent and suitable for virtually all products.

Vega has now developed the improved radar sensor for liquids, Vegapuls 42/44, using nano technology. The new antenna configuration makes the antenna considerably smaller than the original sizes. A better performance is achieved with better beam focusing with the small 4 cm antenna. These instruments are better suited to tanks with heating coils, agitators and baffle plates.

The sensors are available with 11/2" BSP/NPT threads, DN 50/80/100/150 or ANSI 2", 3" and 4" flanges. Output options are two-wire 4 to 20 mA current loop with (Hart), V.bus digital or Profibus PA, with a maximum of 15 sensors on a two-core line. The output signal is supplemented by an integrated or separate indication. The new sensors are approved for all Ex areas, pressure and temperature independent (-60 to 200°C) and suitable for most products, dependent on dielectric constant.

The sensors are calibrated with a credit card-sized detachable adjustment module (minicom), Hart handheld or with the self-explanatory adjustment programme VVO on a PC. The adjustment can be performed anywhere using the adjustment programme VVO; eg on the current loop in the switch cabinet, on the process control system or via a modem at home.


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