Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Jofra RTC reference series

August 2011 Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

In keeping with its status as inventors of the dry-block temperature calibrator, Jofra have powered ahead with the release of the new reference series. Patented features using the Euramet cg-13 V.01 calibration guide identify and quantitify sources of error, including load-induced homogeneity errors.

Improved stability

The temperature stability of the block is all-important, and is significantly better in all ranges. The standard cooling unit is now stable within 0,005°C compared to 0,01° in the previous ATC model.

Dynamic load compensation

A new feature is dynamic load compensation, which virtually eliminates load-induced errors. The standard RTC has active zone control to keep the top of the block at the same temperature as the bottom, thus compensating for heat loss through the top of the block. The DLC dynamic load compensation for the first time uses a sensor in the insert to compensate for non-homogeneity inducted by the heavy sensors often found in hygienic applications.

USB connection

The RTC uses USB to connect to a host computer equipped with Jofracal which is a comprehensive software package for automatic control, certificate generation and data archiving. It also future-proofs the range by allowing firmware updates.

Intelligent reference sensors

The new external reference sensors developed for this range contain all calibration data internally, thus eliminating the introduction of errors by loading incorrect ITS-90 data. These sensors are of right angled construction, allowing operation with UUT sensor head fitted.

VGA display

The new colour display allows more information to be presented, including a real-time clock, green stability indicators and external SPRT identification with up to three decimals of resolution.

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