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Feb 2000 Level Measurement & Control

Endress+Hauser has launched a new range of float level switches to complement its existing float range. The Meca and Tuba float switches can be used in a wide variety of applications and are compatible with aggressive alkali or acidic liquids.

The Tuba float switches feature a diameter of only 25,4 mm, making the range ideal for level detection and pump control in tanks or reservoirs with small access holes. The switches offer the option of an adjustable on-cable ballast and are available in different start/stop angles to suit specific requirements. Other features include chemical-resistant cables and the choice of power supply from 12 to 250 V. The Tuba is available in a mercury version with an unbreakable metallic bulb, and an ecologically friendly version with an inversing microswitch and silver contactor.

Meca float switches can be used for automatic pump regulation of fluids with various densities, and are available in mercury and ecological versions.

The mercury versions, Meca Standard and Meca Standard Hypalon offer long-term precision and reliability since they have no moving parts or contacts.

The reversing mercury switches are inert gas-filled, and feature a thick, robust metal casing. The ecological versions, Meca Ecological and Meca Ecological Hypalon, offer exceptional electrical characteristics and a stainless steel mechanism.

Both the mercury Meca Standard Hypalon and the Meca Ecological Hypalon float switches are entirely coated in Hypalon, a material that is well-suited for use with aggressive products such as acids and alkalines, etc. These regulators are also fitted with Hypalon cables and the ballasts are made from either Hypalon or loaded resin. The other Meca switches are fitted with Neoprene or PEC cables. Cables for the Meca switches are available in lengths of between 5 and 30 m, with greater lengths available on request. Each cable is supplied with a loaded resin adjustable ballast.

The biconical shape of the Meca float switch guarantees reliable operation in turbulent applications and makes the build up of solids almost impossible. It has omnidirectional functioning, making it possible for the units to operate in any position. In addition, Meca switches can operate in liquids having a specific gravity that lies between 0,5 and 1,5 - depending on the model selected.

If serious damage occurs, the Meca has five waterproof compartments so that two of the compartments can be filled with liquid without affecting the reliability. The middle compartment in which the electric contact is housed is very small, minimising the negative effects of possible condensation.

Multiple dividing walls ensure strong resistance, making the Meca switch exceptionally robust and durable. The picture shows (from l to r) Endress+Hauser's Black Meca with hypolon coating, the yellow and blue colour coded Soliba, the orange colour coded Meca tube and the blue and white colour coded standard Meca float level contactor.


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